The Monday Motivator | On New Year's Resolutions

December 31, 2018

The Monday Motivator is a series meant to motivate, encourage, inspire and provide advice on real life stuff.*

It's New Year's Eve, which means you've probably already heard that pesky question numerous times: "What are your resolutions?"

Some people find the idea of New Year's resolutions annoying. I would know; I used to be one of those people. Making resolutions is a lot of pressure. It can feel very intimidating, which is probably why you feel like you've buried your resolutions come February. So you think, "why make any resolutions if I know I won't abide by them?"

Like I mentioned, I get it. I felt the same way until two years ago when I began recording my resolutions on the blog. Not only did I start recording my resolutions, but I also started getting more practical with them. I've found that both of these things helped my New Year's resolutions become more successful.

Winter Stylebook | Glam vs. Casual Holiday Looks

December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas Eve! If you're in need of some last minute holiday outfit inspiration before tomorrow, you've come to the right place!

I put together two looks- one glam and one casual- that can both be worn with denim for a festive and chic, all-day outfit.

Gift Guide | Stocking Stuffers

December 20, 2018


The countdown is on, people- four days until Christmas!

The last piece of the holiday shopping puzzle is always stocking stuffers. Although it tends to get overlooked, sometimes it can be the easiest and most fun.

The key to stuffing stockings is to find small items in an affordable price range, with a few unexpected surprises mixed in. For the ladies, it can be things like makeup, jewelry, hair accessories and other fun goodies. I put together my final gift guide of the season with pretty products that are perfect for that sock hanging on the mantle.

Hot Chocolate Cookie Recipe

December 19, 2018

All you need is love and Christmas cookies, am I riiiight?!

I love getting my bake on for the holidays, so when I came across this recipe for hot chocolate cookies on Pinterest, I knew they had to be my next experiment. Because HOT. CHOCOLATE. COOKIES.  Nuff' said.

The Monday Motivator | Staying Positive During the Holidays

December 17, 2018

The Monday Motivator is a series meant to motivate, encourage, inspire and provide advice on real life stuff.*

Happy Monday! Another weekend has come and gone, and if you're feeling the same way I am, you  may not have gotten as much checked off your to-do list that you were hoping for. Today is officially ONE week until Christmas Eve, so your holiday stress might be starting to consume you. 

To help you avoid going under, for today's Monday Motivator I wrote about five different ways to stay positive during the holiday season. It's so difficult to avoid stress this time of year. Between shopping for gifts, planning for gatherings and preparing for those oh-so awkward family encounters, it's common to feel like you are reaching your breaking point. But you want to enjoy the holidays, after all! So these ideas are meant to soothe your stress and help you get a little more excited for what's to come.

Gift Guide | Winter Lovers

December 14, 2018

In all seriousness, I love all of the cozy aspects about winter. Don't get me wrong, I'm ready for it to hit the road come February, but for now, especially during the holidays, things like snow, mittens, cozy blankets and hot chocolate get me excited.

For this week's gift guide, I rounded up some items that will make perfect gifts for the winter lovers in your life. If they have snow in their veins and a forever cozy heart, these ideas were made for them.

Statement Earrings for the Holidays

December 8, 2018

Coming to you late this week friends, but I'm here! The holiday season rush is getting the best of me, but today I'm on the blog chatting about statement earrings you will want to wear for the holidays and beyond!

I personally feel that jewelry makes a great gift for your girl gang, whether it's your friends, mom, sister, etc. Statement necklaces are slowly fading away, but statement earrings are on the rise and make a fun addition to any outfit! I've curated a list of five popular earring styles you will see this season. They're perfect for upcoming holiday parties and events, or can be worn as a standout accessory to work.

The Monday Motivator | Fresh Start

December 3, 2018

The Monday Motivator is a series meant to motivate, encourage, inspire and provide advice on real life stuff.*

With the holiday season upon us, Mondays come up even quicker than usual and for some, stress levels are through the roof.

I had a really great weekend, but it seemed to fly by even faster than they usually do. So naturally, come Sunday morning, I was already dreading the thought of going back to work. The previous workweek was crazy busy and the quick weekend barely felt like a break from it all. I still have so much on my to-do list at home, and I'm starting to feel the weight of the Christmas season as I begin to plan for the upcoming December weeks.

Gift Guide | Build a Spa Basket

November 29, 2018

It's the HOLIDAY SEASON, y'all! As you set up your tree and kick off all things Christmas, I'm getting the blog ready for you with PLENTY of gift guides and ideas. If you're feeling stumped and need ideas for the special ladies on your list, The Fashionable Fox has got your back.

The first gift guide I put together this year is a fun one that I have personally created once before for my sister-in-law and it was A. HIT. This guide is all about building a spa basket! The phrase "treat yo self" is more important than ever, so why not treat someone on your list to the gift of an at-home spa day?

The Monday Motivator | Take Care of Yourself

November 26, 2018

| Photo by Hilltop Photo Co. |
The Monday Motivator is a series meant to motivate, encourage, inspire and provide advice on real life stuff.*

Real question: why aren't we taking care of ourselves?  I'm not talking about getting a pedicure, scheduling a dentist appointment, joining a gym kind of taking care of ourselves. But WHY do we make it feel so taboo to take care of our mental health?

Sometimes we can't always tell when our mental health is suffering. We get too busy to recognize it, and on the brink of burnout, reality kicks in with the realization that mentally, we are hurting. 

Fall Stylebook | Keeping Comfortable on Thanksgiving

November 20, 2018

It's almost THANKSGIVING and I'm over here all giddy doing my fat pants happy dance!

Thanksgiving is the BEST in my house. We kick off the day in our pajamas, watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and preparing things for dinner. We eventually trade in our pajamas for sweatpants and cozy sweaters and spend time together on the couch as a family before we dig in to all the goods my mom made for our meal. I love everything about this day because I'm never obligated to be anywhere. I don't have to put on any makeup and my outfit is allowed to be as casual as I want.

The Monday Motivator | Start Small with Thanksgiving

November 19, 2018

The Monday Motivator is a series meant to motivate, encourage, inspire and provide advice on real life stuff.*

Start small with thanksgiving.

I know what you're thinking.

So does she mean I should start with the stuffing or the mashed potatoes first?

But I'm not talking about the Thanksgiving dinner. I'm talking about the act of giving thanks.

I obviously wanted to write this week's Monday Motivator about being thankful. Last year, I wrote a post about how to be thankful and grateful and mean it. So this year, I wanted my advice to be a little different.

Bath & Beauty Report | November

November 15, 2018

After a wacky and wild few days last week, I am so happy to be sitting down with you back on the blog today. I promised a recent Target haul post, but due to some technical difficulties, that post is still in the draft phases- but it will be posted ASAP!

For this week's post, I put together another Bath and Beauty Report with some products I've picked up recently. You already know how much I love the color pink, and the products I'm featuring are all shades of pink that are appropriate for fall. The blush and hot pinks of spring/summer turn into nude and mauve pinks come fall/winter and I'm absolutely LOVING it.

The Monday Motivator | Be Kind

November 5, 2018

| Photo by Hilltop Photo Co. |
The Monday Motivator is a series meant to motivate, encourage, inspire and provide advice on real life stuff.*
Last week, I had an unpleasant experience at the post office. Not because the line was too long, which you would typically expect at the post office, but because of a rude interaction that hurt my heart.

I won't get into all of the details, but I will elaborate a bit to help support today's Monday Motivator advice. I was behind an older man in line who became offended when the sales clerk asked to see his ID because he was paying with a check. He was rude to the sales clerk, telling her he'd been coming there for over 40 years, and said he was a "doctor" and "would never come back here again."

My New Favorite Pajamas

November 2, 2018

Oops, I blinked and October is over.

As much as I loooove  October, I loooove  November equally as much because 1. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and 2. the fall weather begins to get chillier and cozier. 

As you start to curl up in soft blankets next to the fire, you're going to need the perfect pajamas to complement that oh-so-cozy feeling. I was recently in the market for new pajama pants because mine are super old, but mostly because they are packed away in the attic and I was too lazy to get them down; the perfect reason to find a new pair!

The Monday Motivator | Social Media Purging

October 29, 2018

| Photo by Hilltop Photo Co. |
The Monday Motivator is a series meant to motivate, encourage, inspire and provide advice on real life stuff.*

I'm going to be honest with you- I have an attitude writing this week's Monday Motivator. My gears have been grinding lately because of one thing: Facebook.

I know what you're thinking. A blogger? Annoyed with social media? Aren't you kind of asking for it?

Although social media is a huge part of the business of blogging, I don't find myself as annoyed with my blogging side of social media as much as I do with my own personal social media. Sure, the comparison game on Instagram continues to be a STRUGGLE, but that is a topic for another Monday.

Closet to Costume | Fortune Teller

October 25, 2018

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you're planning to go out this weekend but don't have a costume plan, I put together an easy one that may not even require you to leave your closet.

This year I'm dressing up as a fortune teller, and although I did purchase a few pieces, I had most of my costume already available in my wardrobe. If you love boho style like I do, this will probably be super easy to put together using your own closet.

The Monday Motivator | Stay Close

October 22, 2018

The Monday Motivator is a series meant to motivate, encourage, inspire and provide advice on real life stuff.*

There's a saying that goes "stay close to anything that makes you glad to be alive."

I'm not sure who said this. I've only seen it on Pinterest. So if you're the owner and you're reading this, thanks for the words. 

For today's Monday Motivator, the day before my niece turns one, I felt this was an appropriate topic.

Fall Stylebook | How to Wear a Long Sweater Cardigan

October 19, 2018

As the days officially start to get chillier here in Illinois, I'm embracing sweater season and planning my outfits with a cozy mindset.

For today's fall stylebook, I took this Joseph A. long sweater cardigan and styled it two different ways. Long sweaters can be a little intimidating to wear, especially if your height is on the shorter side like mine. But have no fear- you can make this trendy piece work with the right outfit. 

Here are two ideas for styling a long sweater cardigan:

The Monday Motivator | Stop Introvert Shaming

October 15, 2018

The Monday Motivator is a series meant to motivate, encourage, inspire and provide advice on real life stuff.*
One of my best friend's texted me on Saturday night and said, "I'm at home tonight reading, baking cookies and doing laundry" and in the following statement she said, "I'm so okay with it that I feel like I'm a different breed of 24 year old."

I couldn't help but giggle to myself and respond, "girl, that is literally my ideal night."  Because seriously, it is. 

Pumpkin S'mores Bars

October 11, 2018

Fall in the food world means two words: pumpkin. everything.

Like your average fall-obsessed individual, I too want to try all things pumpkin flavored. Pumpkin bread pudding? Absolutely. Pumpkin Spice Cheerios? Get in my shopping cart. Pumpkin ravioli? Lemme try.

But my one true dessert love is left behind in summer: s'mores. Just like I will try anything pumpkin flavored, I will also try anything and everything having to do with s'mores. GET. IN. MY. BELLY. Warehouse Sale Haul

October 4, 2018 had their annual warehouse sale a couple of weekends ago and I went ALL OUT.

If you're not familiar with, they are a lifestyle brand based out of Los Angeles that designs clothing, accessories, stationary, planners and all kinds of gift items. I love this brand because their bright colors and unique pieces feel like a party. is inspired by "the power of friendship, the good old days, and all things fun" and that is exactly what I think of when I shop their brand.

The warehouse sale is a MAJOR event because they offer ha-uge discounts on a lot of their products. This year offered awesome deals that were available online too, so I made my move and picked up some items I've been eyeing forever.

The Monday Motivator | On Being Spontaneous

October 1, 2018

The Monday Motivator is a series meant to motivate, encourage, inspire and provide advice on real life stuff.*
Another Monday has begun- get that coffee brewing!

Last week was a crazy, chaotic upside down MESS. I got selected for jury duty and spent a lot of time out of the office, and my usual routine went to shit. Although it's nice to get a break from work, I also know I will pay for it this week playing catchup. 

I am a creature of habit. In fact, we all are; some of us just go about it in different ways than others. I personally always like to have a plan- something that keeps me on track and positions me to know what to except from day to day. But just as much as I LOVE to plan, I also get bored with the same old routines.

Fall Stylebook | Mixing Colors and Patterns

September 28, 2018

Today is the first post of many that will provide outfit inspiration for the fall season. 


Welcome to your stylebook. Much like a playbook, the stylebook is full of ideas and inspiration so you can put together some killer outfits this season. You can find all your stylebooks here on the blog whenever you're in a rut and need help styling a look, or if you need to find an item for your shopping list.

The Monday Motivator | You Are Here

September 24, 2018

The Monday Motivator is a series meant to motivate, encourage, inspire and provide advice on real life stuff.*

Let's start the week out like this:

You are here.

Tips for Fall Transitioning

September 20, 2018

You already know I love fall. But truth be told: I hate the transition.

Here in Illinois, the weather is STILL in the 90s. We had a brief teaser of fall weather before resuming our typical humid September. So how exactly can I switch my wardrobe to the next season when it's still way too hot?

I'll be honest with you- it's hard. This is something I struggle with every. single. year. Picking out outfits in September/early October feels like a chore for me. I get to the point where I'm completely OVER my summer pieces, but still have to make them work somehow.

The Monday Motivator | Recharging

September 17, 2018

| Photo by Hilltop Photo Co. |
The Monday Motivator is a series meant to motivate, encourage, inspire and provide advice on real life stuff.*

Happy Monday! Today's cup of coffee needs to be STRONG.

I had another topic in the works for this week's Monday Motivator, but after a very busy weekend, I decided to write about something different that I was feeling more inspired by. Today's topic: Recharging.

No, I'm not talking about recharging your phone, although that's a good way to look at it. We plug in our phones to recharge them at least once a day, if not more, because we're looking at those little percentage numbers and answering the needs of our technology. But just like we are answering the needs for these inanimate objects, we need to answer the needs of our bodies, too.

Bath & Beauty Report | St. Ives Face Scrubs

September 13, 2018

Alright y'all, it's time for another B&B report, and this round I'm talking all about St. Ives face scrubs!

You've probably seen me post A LOT about these scrubs on my Instagram story and that's because I'm literally OBSESSED. I picked these up on a Target run just to give them a shot and I had no intentions of falling in love, but here we are.

The Monday Motivator | Not Letting Pasts Distract Presents

September 10, 2018

The Monday Motivator is a series meant to motivate, encourage, inspire and provide advice on real life stuff.*
Happy Monday, friends. Thanks for joining me again at the start of another week! Do you have your coffee in hand?

I'm writing this post on a gorgeous Sunday evening from the comfort of my patio. Fall's breath is so strong in the air today and I am feeling so comfortable and happy. I have a busy week ahead but want to bottle up this energy and carry it with me so I don't get stressed out.

Speaking of stress, you know what stresses me out? Letting my pasts distract me from my presents.

My Favorite Backless Mules for Fall

September 7, 2018

We made it, fashionistas! It's September! Time to deck the halls with plaid and indulge on allllll the pumpkin spice. Summer is always so much fun, but let's be honest with ourselves: there's nothing quite like that crisp arrival of fall.

I can't wait to start sharing more fall fashion on the blog! I'm kicking it off with my favorite fall kicks: backless mules. Although I'll literally wear these at any time of year because I love them so much, backless mules really come out to play during the fall months because they look so chic with jackets and cropped denim. They're easy to slip on, super comfortable and can class up any outfit.

Create & Cultivate Conference Recap

August 31, 2018

As you may already know, I spent last Saturday in the company of 800 fierce females at the Create & Cultivate Chicago Conference! If you haven't heard of Create & Cultivate before and you either are, or are dreaming, of becoming a blogger/entrepreneur/career woman/girl boss, you'll want to check them out ASAP. Their mission is to help women create and cultivate the career of their dreams- how awesome is that? Check out their posts and upcoming events here.

The Monday Motivator | On Being Present

August 27, 2018

| Photo by Hilltop Photo Co. |
The Monday Motivator is a series meant to motivate, encourage, inspire and provide advice on real life stuff.*

Be present. Who would've thought this would become a rule we struggle to follow?

It shouldn't be so difficult to be present, but thanks to the distractions of cell phones and social media, it's easy to remove ourselves from the current moment. But newsflash: not being present is not only hurting people around you, but it is ultimately hurting yourself.

Old Navy Fall Wish List

August 23, 2018

Alright, I'm officially getting internally giddy for fall and two things are contributing to that feeling: all of the new fall fashion in stores AND chocolate covered taffy apples now being available at my local candy store.

As much as I love summer, I can't help it- thoughts of fall make me SO excited. There's just something about throwing on a comfy sweater, drinking hot chocolate and reading a good book that speaks to me.

Although I plan to soak up these last weeks of summer, shopping and planning for fall outfits is a way I can keep myself in both universes. Old Navy has released some of their new pieces for fall and I'm LOVING what I'm seeing! For today's post, I created a wish list of the items I'm eyeing (and dying to get!) for the upcoming change of seasons.

The Monday Motivator | Telling Self-Doubt to Shut Up

August 20, 2018

Happy Monday! After a truly amazing response to last month's post, A Note On Being True to Yourself, I was feeling so inspired to start up a new series on the blog. The Monday Motivator will feature a new post on Mondays that is meant to motivate, encourage, inspire and provide advice on real life stuff.

A lot of the responses I received from last month's post were "I really needed this." I want The Monday Motivator to be exactly what you (and I!) need each week. We all know Mondays are rough; but if we start off the week on a good note, we can feel motivated to get through it together. I hope you'll join me every Monday with a strong cup of coffee and an open mind as I address topics that I personally feel can help us all feel stronger.

Bath & Beauty Report | August

August 16, 2018

Now reporting: Here are some of the latest drugstore products I've picked up and used recently!

How to Take a Jumpsuit From Day to Night

August 10, 2018

In case you missed it, I was freaking out last week when I found these amazing jumpsuits at Walmart for only $16! They're super soft and flattering and I may or may not have bought all five colors. (oops)

If you're like me and have a pear-shaped figure, jumpsuits (and rompers) are ROUGH. I feel like I try on a million before finding one that finally looks good. If it's not too tight in the front, it's too loose on the top, etc. etc. etc. all the way home. So per usual, I tried on these jumpsuits with ZERO faith that they would work, but surprisingly, they did! Which is more of a reason to get lots of colors because it's not everyday I get this lucky in the jumpsuit department.

Things I Love and You Might Too | Small Business Edition

August 3, 2018

Happy Fri-YAY! I decided to keep it simple this week on the blog and share eight of my favorite small businesses that I either shop at or buy products from. I'm always happy to support a small business, and when I find a product or place I LOVE, I want everyone else to fall in love with it too! Keep reading to hear about all my faves:

A Guide to the Most Instagram-worthy Nashville Murals

July 27, 2018

Picture location: Arrington Vineyards
I am so excited for today’s post because my bestie Kristen is taking over the blog to write about the most Instagram-worthy murals in Nashville. During our girls trip (you can read that post here!), we spent a day walking around looking for all the murals we saw on Pinterest. One of the posts actually gave us some wrong information, so I thought it would be a great idea to put together a trustworthy guide for your trip to Nash! Kristen is the Nashville pro, so she’ll be providing all the info on these beautiful murals and their great photo ops. Do it for the ‘gram! Take it away, Kristen!

A Note on Being True to Yourself

July 18, 2018

Photo by Hilltop Photo Co.

I interrupt your usual fashion programming to have a little heart to heart today.

Last week, I was talking with a few people about how they were thinking about attending a concert. Someone asked me, "why don't you go?" and in the next breath, someone else said, "because she can't hang."

I remember thinking, ouch. That was a pretty low blow. And I sat all day in a little cave of self-doubt wondering why someone would think that about me. Do I look like someone who just "can't hang?"

The Comfiest Summer Dresses

July 13, 2018

Y'all- I have been battling a horrible case of sunburn this week! Over the weekend, I took a little girls trip with two of my besties to Michigan and we had the best time! BUT I didn't use my brain and applied very little sunscreen. Trust me when I say I won't let it happen again; it's the worst.

Advice for Traveling Solo

June 28, 2018

As I previously mentioned back in May, my trip to Disneyland was the first time I traveled by myself. At first, I thought it was the perfect idea and I was so determined to go through with it. I got my parents approval, booked my flights and hotel, and then it all became very REAL. I started to feel a little uneasy, asking myself, "can I really pull this off alone?"

Something as simple as going out to eat by yourself can be a little scary; matter of fact, doing ANYTHING alone has this weird and unnecessary stigma around it. Going to the movies, seeing a concert; there's a list of things deemed unacceptable to do alone. But WHY?

The It Bags of Summer

June 21, 2018

It's officially the first day of summer! Things are starting to heat up, and so is my wardrobe! My favorite thing about summer fashion is definitely the accessories. Everything gets brighter and bolder and you can have way more fun playing with your shoes, jewelry and handbags.

Speaking of handbags, for this week's blog post, I've rounded up five different styles that are the "it bags" of summer. These are the styles you'll be seeing a lot of on vacay, at the stores or on Instagram. What better way to make a summer statement than with an Insta-worthy bag?!

Travel Journal: Nashville Girls Trip

June 14, 2018

Okay, okay, I know what you're thinking. Is this girl done traveling yet?!

All my trips recently have happened all at once, but I am officially grounded for a little bit and am happy to be home! I've loved being able to write about my trips here on the blog because not only do I get to share my adventures with you, but it also serves as a journal for me to document all the memories. 

Most recently, one of my best girlfriend's from college, and I took a road trip to Nashville to celebrate her graduation and my birthday! She visited Nashville multiple times before; she loves it so much that she wants to call it home someday soon. I, on the other hand, had never been before! So Kristen did the planning and I did the driving and we made a great team!

Life Lately | 6.8

June 8, 2018

Hi fashionistas!

I took last week off on the blog because I was feeling overwhelmed and behind! I was working on multiple projects at one time and also needed to pack for my trip to Nashville. Sorry we didn't get to have our weekly chat; but I'm back this week with a little life lately post to fill you in on what's new:

Travel Journal: My Trip to Disneyland

May 24, 2018

Happy Thursday, y'all! I am SO. FREAKING. EXCITED for today's post because I'm sharing everything from my recent trip to Disneyland!

Today officially marks two weeks since I stepped into Disneyland for the very first time. That's right, readers; I finally had my first Disney experience at 23 (going on 24) years old! My Uber driver from the airport asked me if I was an "orphan" because I had never been (rude!), but the truth is, you're never too old for your first trip to Disney.

The 23 Before the 24

May 17, 2018

Do you know what time it is?!

Sunday is my BIRTHDAY which means it's time for my annual reflection of the year. If you weren't here last year, WELCOME FRIEND! This reflection is when I talk about 23 things from the year before I turn the big 2-4.

23 was full of many highs and a few big lows, but it's easy to bury the lows in the past when the highs were just so, well, HIGH. Let's do this thing.

Little Ways to Celebrate Mom

May 10, 2018

Hello from California! Even though I'm off enjoying some "me time," this week's blog post is all about mamas!

Mother's Day is literally around the corner and I'll luckily be back home just in time to celebrate my mom! I look forward to this day every year because A.) my mom is like, my favorite. person. ever. and B.) I love planning a special day that's all about her!

If you're struggling last minute to think of something nice to do for your mom, or the special mom figures in your life, I've put together a few ideas that they're sure to love!

Packing List: Disneyland

May 3, 2018

Hey y'all! I'm headed to Disneyland in less than a week; I can't believe it! The excitement (and nerves) are really kicking in. I am SO ready to be wheels up and on my way to California!

Today on the blog, I'm sharing my packing list for Disneyland. I'll be packing pretty light for this trip, but I can't forget the essentials! Here's what I'll be taking to Cali with me:

My Skincare Routine

April 26, 2018

I've been contemplating writing a skincare routine post for a while now, and after seeing the responses on my Instagram story, it seems to be something my readers are interested in- so TODAY'S THE DAY!

Before I begin, I want to make note that I have very dry, sensitive skin. Although I am no stranger to an oily face during the summer, for the most part, my skin is dry. Besides my teen years, I also don't struggle with breakouts; only occasional pimples depending on the time of the month.

Spring Shopping Tips at the Thrift Store

April 19, 2018

Alright fashionistas, if you haven't started updating your spring wardrobe, now is the time!

I love it when the seasons change because the racks at my local Goodwill get a change up as well. And when the spring arrives, it's sundresses galore! Sandals for days! Goodbye sweaters and hellooo blouses!

Thrift stores can be overwhelming, especially when you're looking for pieces to update your closet instead of just browsing for fun. To make the experience less stressful and more productive, I put together five tips to help you get the most out of your spring shopping trip to the thrift store. These are tricks I've picked up on over the years and still swear by as I shop today!

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