Little Ways to Celebrate Mom

May 10, 2018

Hello from California! Even though I'm off enjoying some "me time," this week's blog post is all about mamas!

Mother's Day is literally around the corner and I'll luckily be back home just in time to celebrate my mom! I look forward to this day every year because A.) my mom is like, my favorite. person. ever. and B.) I love planning a special day that's all about her!

If you're struggling last minute to think of something nice to do for your mom, or the special mom figures in your life, I've put together a few ideas that they're sure to love!

This is my mom's FAVORITE thing for Mother's Day. I make different breakfast foods and she gets to enjoy them from the comfort of her own bed. All you need is a TV tray and ingredients for her favorite breakfast foods. On the menu this year is pancakes and a mushroom/asparagus quiche. 

A lot of mom's like to spend the day by themselves and get in some quality "me time." Whether it's taking a bike ride, getting a mani/pedi or catching up on a good book, let mom enjoy her space.

Getting flowers for someone is a simple gesture that warms the heart every time. Plus it couldn't be any easier; around this holiday, you can find bouquets anywhere, like your local grocery store and even Target. You'll make mom's day by surprising her with a fresh spring floral arrangement.

If your mama prefers spending time with you over the "me time" route, do something together that you know she'll love. Tag along to her favorite stores, help her plant in the garden or watch her favorite movie together. And enjoy every second of it!

Mom's are SUCKERS for anything their children make. Whether you're five or twenty-three, they will melt at the sight of any homemade gift. (I see right through you, mom!) Recreate photos from your childhood and make an album, or paint her a gift at a local ceramic shop. If you made it, she'll love it!

How do you plan to celebrate your mom this weekend?

Thanks for everything, Mom.

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