My name is Laura Fox & I am a 20-something fashionista residing in the suburbs of Chicago.

 Believe it or not, I grew up with zero interest in fashion & lived in basketball uniforms & baggy
jeans. I spent more time making my Barbies look glamorous than myself. But as years passed &  my doll collection began to retire, I decided to be 
selfish & start dressing myself for a change.

         As I started to explore more thrift stores & clearance racks with my mom, & learn all the important stuff about brands, styles & fashion in general, I knew there was a whole world out
there for me to discover. 

In September of 2013, The Fashionable Fox blog
was born as a way to record my findings & provide style advice for those on a budget. 

My mission is to put together looks for less to
inspire you to hunt for deals, too!

Besides being a full-time shopaholic, my free time
consists of Pinterest searching, record
listening & donut eating.

So you want to put together a look for less...
How can I help?