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September 13, 2018

Alright y'all, it's time for another B&B report, and this round I'm talking all about St. Ives face scrubs!

You've probably seen me post A LOT about these scrubs on my Instagram story and that's because I'm literally OBSESSED. I picked these up on a Target run just to give them a shot and I had no intentions of falling in love, but here we are.

If you haven't noticed, St. Ives is really stepping up their game! That old school brand I remember seeing in my mom's collection of lotions and potions as a kid has revamped their graphics and offers a line of scrubs, lotions, body wash, face masks and more. Plus, their products are SUPER affordable. The face scrubs I'm featuring today cost less than $5 each! And because St. Ives is a drugstore brand, it's easy to find at stores like Target, Walmart, CVS and Walgreens.

As I mentioned, I picked up these facial scrubs at Target while browsing the cosmetic aisles. The bottles were pretty, the products were affordable, so I thought, why not? Each scrub offers different results for different skin needs. Their exfoliants are 100% natural AND because they are an exfoliant, you don't have to use them every single day; the recommended use is 3-4 times per week. Here's what I think of them:

The Oatmeal Scrub & Mask was actually the first one I tried a little while back. I liked the idea that it could double as a scrub AND a mask. You can never go wrong with oatmeal when it comes to your skin because it's gentle and soothing. Because of its peaceful ingredients, I use this scrub at night right before bed. The consistency of this scrub is very thin, so I prefer it as a scrub over a mask. But my skin feels very relaxed and smooth after use.

Cost: $3.09
Recommendation: 8/10

This is St. Ives' newest addition to their scrub collection and hello, avocado. Enough said. I was instantly turned on by these ingredients because avocado is moisturizing and honey is nourishing. I have very dry skin and this formula sounded like the exact kind of treat my face needed. Update: it IS what my face needed. The medium texture evenly coats my face and the payoff is skin that is SO. FREAKIN. SOFT. I literally walk around the house touching my face after using this product because I love the results. So refreshing!

Cost: $3.99
Recommendation: 10/10

Coffee scrubs and masks have gained so much popularity thanks to the famous Cup O' Coffee from Lush. This Coconut & Coffee scrub is less than $4 and gives results that are just as good as a face mask. I've been using this scrub on the weekends as a way to wake up my skin and give it a much deserved recharge. The consistency is very thick, which allows for that deep exfoliation. The warmer the water you use, the more that yummy coffee smell comes out to play, too. After using, my face looks healthy and glowy. Just like your body, your skin needs an occasional detox too, and I think this scrub is perfect for that.

Cost: $3.59
Recommendation: 10/10


With the colder fall/winter months rapidly approaching, I am so glad I added these scrubs to my skincare routine as a way to nourish my particularly dry skin. And for less than $5 each, you should give them a try, too! You might just fall in love like I did.

Shop the products I reported on below:

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