Farewell, 2016

December 30, 2016

Another year in the books. Can you believe it, fashionistas?

This year has been particularly eventful for me. My brother got MARRIED. I graduated COLLEGE. And I became a full on career girl in a matter of minutes. WOW.

The more I sit back and think about it, the more I can't believe I've been through all this and more in only 366 days.

Stocking stuffers: Affordable beauty must-haves

December 23, 2016

2 days until Christmas. Wait, WHAT?!

The holiday season has flown by, but I still feel like there is so much to do. Between wrapping presents, baking treats and picking up any last minute gifts, it's GO TIME.

Easy winter recipe: Hot chocolate dump cake

December 19, 2016

Did the words "easy" and "chocolate" grab your attention? I thought so.

I recently found this dessert on Pinterest and decided to make it for a Christmas party I was invited to. It was definitely one of the easiest recipes I've made!

A guide to gift-giving

December 12, 2016

It's the most wonderful time of the year, fashionistas!

...Unless you are struggling to find that perfect gift for the last person on your list.

Let's be real for a second: gift giving can be TOUGH STUFF! Especially if you can't come up with a good idea.

Personally, I LOVE gift giving. But every Christmas, I have one person on my list that I'm completely stumped on. It happens to the best of us.

"What do you mean fall is almost over?!" Essentials roundup

November 30, 2016

Last day of November, say whaaaat?!

Honestly, where has fall gone? I felt like Halloween was just yesterday, and now Thanksgiving is over!

It's officially the "most wonderful time of the year" if you're really into the holidays, but I'm just not ready to let go of my favorite fall essentials yet.

Thanksgiving as told by a fashionista

November 24, 2016

It's officially TURKEY DAY- which is the perfect time to break down the things I am thankful for as a blogging fashionista. Let's have some fun!

How to: Make outfit inspiration a reality

November 15, 2016

I officially love fall most of all, fashionistas!

There's just something about the changing of seasons that inspires me to do great things when putting together outfits. I think a lot of it has to do with having new pieces to wear, but the changing color palette and the world outside plays a large role as well.

An ode to the Chicago Cubs

November 6, 2016

On Nov. 2, at approximately 11:48 p.m. (in Chicago), the Chicago Cubs became World Series champions after a 108-year drought.

I was lucky enough to see this game through multiple eyes; a crowded bar of people, my mom and dad who are new to the game, and Adam, the diehard fan.

Costume "cat" walk

October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween to my readers!

It's a total bummer that Halloween is on a Monday this year. If you're like me, you're stuck at work on this particularly fun holiday. But whether you're working, in the classroom, getting your kids ready for trick or treating, or just plain doing nada, I hope you make the best of this Monday.

A fast and fun fall treat

October 27, 2016

Hi, fashionistas! I hope you brought your appetite!

Today's post is a quick and simple recipe for a yummy, and classic, fall treat.

I was recently invited to a potluck and couldn't decide what to make, until I came across this easy popcorn ball recipe!

I was a little leery at first; I've never eaten a popcorn ball, much less made one. But the recipe seemed doable and screamed "halloween" to me, so I decided to give it a shot. Good thing I did- these snacks were a hit at the party!

Embracing shade with Warby Parker

October 14, 2016

Rise and shine, fashionistas!

I'm so excited for today's post, not because I'm throwing any shade; I'm actually embracing it! I'm talking about SUNGLASSES.

I LOVE sunglasses. I have an amount of pairs that I am ashamed to admit, but out of everything in the fashion world, it's the one accessory that actually has a personal benefit, so why not go a little crazy in the name of your health, AM I RIGHT?!

S'mores cookies recipe

September 20, 2016

Alright followers, you can stop drooling now... ;)

Many of you have asked about the Pinterest s'mores cookies I made for Labor Day, so I've decided to do a quick recipe post and share the details!

Travel style journal: Shipshewana, Ind.

September 8, 2016

I'm back, fashionistas!

I have officially returned home after traveling the world. And by traveling the world, I mean my latest destination that was only two hours from my house. But one can dream, right?

Each year, my mom and I take a mother-daughter trip to Shipshewana, which is a small Amish town located in Indiana. The drive is easy, the shopping is great and the food is AMAZING, so it's the perfect quick getaway for us.

Travel style journal: Lake Geneva, Wis.

August 28, 2016

Ahoy, fashionistas! 

If you've been following along with my Instagram posts, you have probably noticed that I've been traveling this past week. Every summer and winter, Adam and I visit our favorite getaway spot, The Abbey Resort and Avani Spa in Fontana, Wisconsin.

Summer whites

August 20, 2016

Summer is rapidly coming to a close (unfortunately), and we are only a few weeks away from Labor Day...WHAT?!

I can't believe how quickly this season has come and gone- anyone else not ready to say goodbye?

I am a huge sucker for the fall, so I'm not complaining too much! But I'm just not ready to say farewell to my summer apparel...

Summer faves in the beauty world

August 4, 2016

Hi fashionistas!

We're in the heat of summertime, and although fashion is my passion (see what I did there?), I love changing up my summer makeup routine just as much as I love busting out my summer wardrobe.

Easy peasy DIY necklace

July 15, 2016

It's happened thousands of times... you see the perfect dress, purse, shoes, etc. that you just HAVE TO HAVE right this second. You go to buy/order it and then... it's SOLD OUT.

This scenario happens to me way too often, especially when you see something other bloggers are wearing and you don't beat the rest of the social media crowd to it. I try to tell myself, "well, it wasn't meant to be," but sometimes accepting that is way too hard!

30 Days of Handbags wrap up & GIVEAWAY!

July 6, 2016

Hi gorgeous readers!
| Dress: Old Navy | Kimono: Goodwill | Shoes: New York & Company | Bracelet: Kohl's |
We've made it to July, which means my 30 Days of Handbags promo for the month of June on my Instagram page is COMPLETE!

A casual approach to Fourth of July style

July 3, 2016

Hi there, stylish readers!

I can't believe it's already July- didn't the summer just begin?! Although it seems to be flying, the Fourth of July is like hitting the top of the summertime roller coaster; there's still so much to enjoy!

Oh, the places you should go..

May 30, 2016


Ah, adventure.

Most of us love a little adventure all year long, but summer always feels like the PERFECT time to get out there, explore and try new things.

The truth is, it's impossible to find your favorite places, the "hidden gems," without first doing a little exploring. Everyone's new to a place once, right?

When life gives you lemons.. you graduate!

May 18, 2016

Hi fashionistas! 

After quite the busy last couple months, I'm back!- and ready to keep our fashionable conversation going. 

If you keep up with The Fashionable Fox on Instagram, you have probably noticed I graduated college this past weekend. (If not, click that follow button!)

Although leaving my school, my job and all my incredible friends behind was upsetting, wrapping up four years of tough college work was a proud moment, and one I will obviously never forget. 

What I've been up to...

February 23, 2016

Hi, fashionable followers!

I am SO excited to be back posting on the blog today.. it has been TOO long!

Although some dust piled up on here during the month of January, I can assure you that I was still staying true to my fashionable self and have been working on two huge projects.
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