The Monday Motivator | Not Letting Pasts Distract Presents

September 10, 2018

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Happy Monday, friends. Thanks for joining me again at the start of another week! Do you have your coffee in hand?

I'm writing this post on a gorgeous Sunday evening from the comfort of my patio. Fall's breath is so strong in the air today and I am feeling so comfortable and happy. I have a busy week ahead but want to bottle up this energy and carry it with me so I don't get stressed out.

Speaking of stress, you know what stresses me out? Letting my pasts distract me from my presents.

What I mean by this is sometimes I get caught up thinking about moments that happened before instead of what is happening now. This is not to say it's wrong to think about past memories- memories are the best. But the stressful part is thinking about pasts that are negative.

I find this to be a common pattern for those in their 20s. We're so worried about "making it" that we get distracted by our "what ifs" instead of planting our brain and growing where we are. Whether it's related to career moves, relationships, education decisions, etc., if it's a negative thought from the past, it's time to bury it.

Think of your "negative pasts" as soil. Flowers can't grow without it. If you bury these distracting pasts and walk away for good, the flower can bloom. The flower is your present. And it is beautiful.

Negative pasts do not, I repeat, DO NOT define you. We can't allow pasts the power to distract presents; it's not fair to our mental health. Sounds cliche, but our pasts are behind us for a reason.

The last few months I have been guilty of letting something negative distract my present. I would have a great start to my weekend, but as sure as the sun would rise, I would spend Sunday in my little cave of negativity, doubting myself and the decisions I have made. But what the hell, right? Letting a past decision be the deciding factor of how my weekend was going to end? Get it together, Laura.

So it's decided. No more Sunday negativity cave. No more pity party. No more letting pasts distract my presents. We've got a whole life to live, people. Bury those pasts and get ready to bloom.

You are here. And that's a great place to be.

Start now,

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