Farewell, 2017

December 29, 2017

Alright, it officially feels like YESTERDAY that I was writing my Farewell, 2016 blog post and now here we are again! Anyone else feel like this year went by EXTRA fast?

Famous Fudge Recipe

December 23, 2017

I am currently in full on Christmas-mode, fashionistas. How about you?

I'm finishing up all my wrapping, cleaning and baking before it's party time! And I am feeling #blessed that Christmas Eve is on a Sunday this year so I have all of Saturday to get it together.

Last Minute Gift Ideas

December 20, 2017

I didn't procrastinate on shopping this year- I actually started before Thanksgiving! But even though I thought that would make me feel ahead of the game, somehow I'm still feeling stressed and behind. Santa- HELP! 

Three Ways to Style a Sweatshirt

December 15, 2017

It's officially sweater season fashionistas, and with the temps dropping, all I want from my outfits is to be warm and comfy!

Cozy Christmas Gift Guide

December 7, 2017


Hey y'all! I'm currently coming to you from the comfort of my bed, pajamas and all. I've been battling a cold this week, but it didn't stop me from bringing you a new post. (One I've been SUPER excited about TBH!)

How To Be Thankful & Grateful & Mean It

November 22, 2017

Hi readers! With Thanksgiving coming up TOMORROW, I'm putting a quick pause on the fashion content to reflect on what it means to be thankful.

Fall Old Navy Favorites

November 17, 2017

You guys. Old Navy has done it again.

Their fall and winter collections are SO cute! I can't get enough.

Flannels in every color, suede moto jackets and plush velvet tops are just a few of the fun things you can find in stores right now. Plus, there is always a sale, which you know is how I roll!

Why We Blog Collab

November 9, 2017

| Photo by Hilltop Photo Co. |
For this post, I collaborated with Nicole over at explosive bagel to reflect on why we started blogging in the first place, with the hopes of inspiring others. (and ourselves!)

| "WHY I BLOG" by Laura from The Fashionable Fox

I started The Fashionable Fox back in 2013 as a sophomore in college with a broken heart and a spark of ambition. As a recently single hot mess, I wanted to do something that made me happy and brought me back to who I really was before; a girl with big dreams who loved to write and knew a thing or two about fashion.

Cozy, Casual Sherpa

November 2, 2017

Ah- sweet, sweet November. Although I have MAJOR heart eyes for October and that beautiful "beginning of fall" feeling, November is equally as wonderful.

Pumpkin Spice Lip Color

October 26, 2017

Sweatshirt: United Monograms | Jeans: Gap | Bracelet: Crystal Ship Vintage | Lip shade: Parker
Pucker up, beauties! Today I'm talking about pumpkin spice lip shades to add to your makeup routine for the fall!

Life Lately | 10.19

October 19, 2017

HELLO! It's time for another life update. Let's HIT IT!

Let me start off by saying I had every intention for this post to be a beauty tutorial, but after I set up all my equipment, the sun quickly began to go down and I realized I'm actually NOT good at that sort of thing just yet. I don't wear much makeup as it is, so trying to apply it on camera in a tiny mirror while racing against the daylight... let's just say it did not go well. #bloggerprobs

Falling for Fall fashions

October 13, 2017

If you can't already tell, I'm fall OBSESSED and feel absolutely no shame about it. Bring on the flannels, fall scented candles and pumpkin spice EVERYTHANG because this is the season where I THRIVE.

My favorite transitional tote

October 5, 2017

Happy fall, fashionistas!

We're still waiting for that authentic fall weather here in Illinois and I'm getting impatient! It keeps getting cool and then hot again, and all I'm thinking about is wearing cozy sweaters and booties. Fall Gods, can you hear me?!

Dating a Fashion Blogger 101

September 26, 2017

^ Actual footage of Adam doing his best to get the right photo and me complaining about him taking too long. ^

I'm so excited for today's post because I'm stepping back and letting Adam take the wheel! He's answering some fun questions about dating a fashion blogger. Take it away, A!

Travel Journal: Texas Trip Recap

September 20, 2017

Hi y'all! I'm back in Illinois and totally bummed about it because I had the BEST time in Texas! Today on the blog, I'm recapping all the details and sharing some of my favorite iPhone photos from my trip to Houston.

Life Lately | 09.07

September 7, 2017

Hi friends! I'm taking a quick break from my usual fashion-related content to give you a little life update! August was NUTS, so I'm hoping September slows down a bit and I can begin focusing on some really fun fall content I have in the works!

Unboxing the August Bless Box

September 1, 2017

The latest Bless Box, "Endless Summer" has arrived! Let's see what came inside:

Packing for a getaway

August 25, 2017

Summer is winding down, fashionistas, but that doesn't mean you can't squeeze a small trip in before Labor Day!

I will be traveling quite a bit within the next few weeks; in fact, I leave for Wisconsin this Saturday for a couple relaxing days away with Adam. It is much NEEDED.

80s summer nights

August 17, 2017

Alright, ladies of the 80s; get in formation!

Although I am a 90s baby by birth, the bright colors and graphics of the 80s really speak to me. I've also been spinning some serious 80s vibes on vinyl lately; so when I spotted this bright pink sweatshirt on clearance during a recent Target run, I was SOLD.

Unboxing the July Bless Box

August 10, 2017

Let's talk about last month's "Fun in the Sun" Bless Box! (Before the August box arrives at my door!) Here's what was inside:

Retro summer style

August 3, 2017

It's now August, fashionistas, and the summer is flying by!

Whenever I think of August, I think of HOT weather and BRIGHT colors! August is like the fiesta of the summer season!

How to: Style a romper for the workplace

July 28, 2017

Romper: Tobi | Blazer: LC Lauren Conrad | Necklace: Vintage | Shoes: DSW
Any of my 9 to 5 office life readers get burned out during the summer season with their work wear? I know I do.

Luckily, I work in a business casual environment, so I have slightly more freedom than a business professional workplace. If you work in a more creative atmosphere, I can imagine you have even more freedom with your wardrobe.

Wedding season dress inspiration

July 25, 2017

Wowza; is it wedding season or WHAT?!

The spring and summer months are obviously the most popular for weddings, but I've noticed many of my friends have weddings to attend in the next few weeks, including myself! I decided it was the perfect time for some wedding season dress inspo on the blog.

Thrifted Finds | July

July 20, 2017

| Romper: Target | Sandals: Target |
It's that time of year; the N Sale at Nordstrom hype is REAL!

If you're not familiar with the N Sale, Nordstrom has an anniversary sale each year with discounts on a lot of popular products. If you're following any type of fashion blogger, you've probably seen a post or two about items being purchased or fitting room diaries.

Jack Rogers vs. Birkenstock

July 14, 2017

| Dress: Old Navy | Hat: Draper James | Sandals: Jack Rogers and Birkenstock | Blanket: Target |

If you've been keeping up with some of my latest outfits/purchases, you've probably noticed two pairs of sandals that are brand spankin' new to my closet. I've been obsessing over my gold Jack Rogers Palm Beach sandals and my dark brown Birkenstock Rio sandals. If you're familiar with both of these brands, you probably know these sandals are on the pricier side. (At least for my blog!)

Unboxing the June Bless Box

July 7, 2017

It's time to open up the latest Bless Box on the blog; the summer retreat box!  Here we go!

Star spangled style

June 29, 2017

Light the sparklers, fashionistas; it's almost the 4th of July!

JULY... can you BELIEVE it?! Summer is already flying by. But the season officially heats up this holiday weekend with the best of summertime activities. Barbecues, beach days and fireworks... whatever you're doing this 4th, it's going to be FUN!

Convertible swimsuit cover ups

June 23, 2017

You either love it or you hate it, but like it or not, it's time to face the facts: it's swimsuit season.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not exactly jumping for joy to throw on my bikini. (You can ask my yearly total of donuts why.) But, I do LOVE to swim and visit the beach, so I'd say it's a fair trade.

Summer comfort style to beat the heat

June 15, 2017

It's starting to heat up here in Chicagoland, fashionistas!

Last weekend, we were up in the 90s- yowza! Summer weather has officially arrived!

I spent the weekend hunting at some really fun flea markets and garage sales, but it was HOT! And I have the sunburn to show for it.

Unboxing the May Bless Box

June 9, 2017

It's time for the latest Bless Box unboxing, fashion gang! Let's get down to it:

What's in my shopping bag? | May

June 2, 2017

*"What's in my shopping bag?" is a series on The Fashionable Fox blog where I share recent purchases from each month and chat about why I like them and where to buy them.*

Hello June! Happy to have you here!

...Although, we snapped our fingers and May was OVER. Not cool, May.

But here to welcome summer with open arms is ME and my May shopping bag picks! I picked five of them for you this time, so take a peek!

Victoria Beckham x Target collection for less

May 26, 2017

Target has done it again, fashion fam.

I didn't think the day would come, but the Victoria Beckham for Target collection is on clearance!

The oh so hot Target collabs usually sell very quickly, with a few leftovers here and there. But you can find VBxT items for 30% off both in stores and online now. Can I get a HECK YES?!

The 22 before the 23

May 19, 2017

Remember when I said I can't believe May is here and now we are almost at the end?! DANG!

Time is just flying by, and I'm for real feeling it today because tomorrow is my birthday and I'm turning 23! Girl, say what?!

It feels like I just turned 22, forgetting to sing a very important Taylor Swift song the day of. You can't get prime opportunities like that back, just so you know. (Yes, I'm still beating myself up for THAT one.)

Closet dreams from style board inspiration

May 12, 2017

"Some people dream of having a big swimming pool. With me, it's closets." -Audrey Hepburn

I have this quote hanging on the wall inside by 5x3 closet. Not kidding.

Probably my biggest fantasy is thinking about my future closet. Not because I have a lot of clothes, but because my closet now is too small.

Unboxing the April Bless Box LIVE!

May 7, 2017

Hello friends!

May is HERE! Throw your hands UP!

I love ending a month for a fresh start, especially because it brings new Bless Box goodies!

What's in my shopping bag? | April

April 28, 2017

*"What's in my shopping bag?" is a series on The Fashionable Fox blog where I share recent purchases from each month and chat about why I like them and where to buy them.*

We've made it to the end of April! YES!

No offense, April.. it's been fun and all, but it's gonna be MAY and May is my favorite! Spring is in full force, you can finally be outdoors again, and it's the month of my birthday! Everything just feels brighter and more positive in May.

Breezy spring florals: Groundbreaking

April 21, 2017

"Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking."

I can't help but giggle every time I'm watching "The Devil Wears Prada" and Meryl Streep delivers this perfectly sarcastic line. But in all seriousness- florals for spring? DUH! They're obvious, but they're a must-have.

Simple spring look for less than $15

April 17, 2017

I'm currently unwinding from a very busy week, fashionistas. You feel me?

Although I was MIA on the blog last week, I'm back and feeling inspired by the craziness to bring you something simple that I think you'll love!

I put together an easy spring look only using pieces I've recently found at Goodwill. Not only is it budget-friendly, but it's perfect for those weeks when you're on the go and don't have time to think about what you're putting on.

Unboxing time! | March Bless Box

April 7, 2017

Holy moly, here we go! It's APRIL!

Did anyone else feel like they blinked and March was over? I mean, seriously!

Although I hate to see time fly by, the end of the month is always exciting because it means the arrival of a new BLESS BOX!

Today on the blog, I'm unboxing the March box to show you what came inside:

What's in my shopping bag? (New series) | March

March 30, 2017

Hey fashion gang!

It's almost time to close out March, which means we're one step closer to real spring weather; WAHOO!

April showers are on their way, but who doesn't mind breaking out the Hunter wellies?! I know I don't.

Confidence boost: One up your spring denim

March 23, 2017

What's the one thing in fashion that will never go out of style?!

No, not Crocs. (Sorry not sorry) (RIP Crocs)

Denim is our tried and true friend that will always be there, even when we wish it would just go away because leggings are comfier.
(Leggings: 1 Jeans: 0)

Lucky enough, denim trends seem to change each season, so that may be why we never get tired of it. This spring's trends are a lot of fun and will not only revamp your denim game, but will also boost your confidence with comfortable, easy-to-wear looks.

Athleisure style for the average girly girl

March 16, 2017

Let's run some laps...

...around the MALL because I'm really feeling this athleisure trend right now!

If you consider yourself an average girly girl like me, working out is far from being your favorite activity. AS IF!

The awesome news for people like me is that "athleisure" is an IT style at the moment, so not only can my outfit be super casual, but it can also make me look like I may spring into workout action at any given moment. (But no one has to know the truth.)

What's inside: February Bless Box

March 10, 2017

It's that time of month again...

The GOOD time of month where I receive the latest Bless Box and open it up to share the contents with you!

Let's see what February #BLESSED me with:

Previewing spring style with $1 jeans

March 1, 2017

Things are already heating up here in Illinois and it's only the beginning of March!  We had 65 degree weather in February, and I'm NOT kidding!

I love spring just as much as I love fall, except maybe a little more. (Shhh, don't tell fall.) Spring always reminds me of flowers, cool breezes and all of the exciting things in life, like open windows, flea markets and my birthday. But not necessarily in that order.

What's inside my makeup bag?

February 22, 2017

It's glam time, lovelies!

I was recently thinking about how all of my beauty related posts are usually talking about new products I've recently purchased and given a try. But I've never really shared with you the products I use on the daily and can't live without! So for today's post, I'm emptying my makeup bag and filling you in on the products that make my world go round.

A whimsy Valentine's ensemble

February 13, 2017

After ringing in the new year, the holiday to get all festive about is, of course, Valentine's Day.

I know there's a fair share of V-Day haters and lovers out there, but whether you're single like a Pringle, rocking that married life or changing your Facebook status to "in a relationship," you can enjoy the day no matter what by picking out a fun outfit.

Unboxing the January Bless Box

February 6, 2017

Febru-hooray! It's a brand new month, which means it's about time I'm unboxing a new Bless Box and sharing the details here with my readers.

Let's take a peek inside, shall we?!

Goodwill shoe haul: Current must-haves

January 27, 2017


I hit the ultimate jackpot this month at my local Goodwill.

It was just like any other day... I was strolling the aisles when I came across a basket FULL of brand new shoes from Target! Is this real life?!

As with anything at a thrift/resale store, you pray to the shopping gods that it's your size, and lucky for me, the bulk of these shoes were in my 8-9 shoe size range. WAHOO!

Three ways to wear a suede mini dress

January 20, 2017

There's nothing better for your closet than versatile pieces. Honest.

Sure, that printed skirt is ADORABLE, but can you really wear it multiple ways? When I'm out shopping, I always try to picture how I can wear a clothing item before I consider buying it. Do I have shoes/accessories/etc. that can pair with it? I've gotten caught up one too many times buying a cute item and realizing once I get home that I have nothing it will go with. (Hard to believe, I KNOW.)

I've been BLESSED! December Bless Box review

January 12, 2017

Hello, fabulous readers. Happy New Year!

My first post of 2017 is dedicated to the Bless Box. If you've kept up with me for a while, you probably figured out that Sazan Hendrix is one of my all time favorite bloggers. This woman is FIERCE and one heck of a GIRL BOSS.
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