My favorite transitional tote

October 5, 2017

Happy fall, fashionistas!

We're still waiting for that authentic fall weather here in Illinois and I'm getting impatient! It keeps getting cool and then hot again, and all I'm thinking about is wearing cozy sweaters and booties. Fall Gods, can you hear me?!

Today on the blog, I'm talking about my favorite tote that is the perfect transition piece from summer to fall. It's really the perfect tote for any season!

We all have THAT bag. The one that can go anywhere, do anything and put up with all your CRAP, am I right?! That bag deserves to be put up on a pedestal, and that's just what I'm doing here. It's the bag of all bags, my favorite little tote-y; the Small Trimmed Vera Tote from Vera Bradley. (This is not sponsored by Vera- it's just a bag and a brand I love.)

I wouldn't have come across this bag if it weren't for my bestie Kristen- she gifted me a personalized one for my birthday last year and I was so excited because I just started my new job and knew it would make the perfect work bag! (And it does!)

First, this bag is the PERFECT size for a tote. Measuring at a pinch over 11" x 11", this bag is NOT heavy or over sized. The 4.5" depth keeps this tote from getting bulky and the 12" straps sit perfectly over the shoulder with plenty of room.

There's an open pocket in the front and a zipped pocket on the back, plus the entire bag zips at the top, which is pretty uncommon for a tote style. The inside is also lined with six open pockets to easily slide things in and out that you don't want to be digging around for at the bottom.

It also (obviously) comes in multiple colors and patterns. My first one is a quilted red shade, and I also have it in the patterns Cobalt Tile and Nomadic Floral.

Here's why I LOVE this tote:

As I mentioned above, I feel this bag is truly a great size. It's not bulky, it doesn't get heavy and it has long straps so I never have to get frustrated with it falling off my shoulder. If you ask me, those are all the qualities you NEED in a tote.

That's what I love about Vera bags- they can really take a beating and you would NEVER know. Granted, I'm really gentle on my bags, but I've had my red tote for close to two years now and it still looks BRAND SPANKIN' NEW. Plus, if these bags get dirty, you always have the option to throw them in the wash.

I am 110 percent comfortable using this as a tote OR a purse. As I mentioned, my red one is my work bag, so it carries my planner, iPad, book and anything else I need for the day. But I can totally quick swap this bag to make it my everyday purse as well. It's small and light enough to do so! It can carry your books to the library or your wallet to run errands.

Since it's VB, there are plenty of color and pattern options, so no matter your personal style, you'll find one you like! I love that this style comes in the plain quilted colors as well as the bright patterns. Plus, they're TOTES affordable (see what I did there?) in the $60 price range, or less at the outlet! Worth every PENNY.


If you're in the market for a new tote; one that's not heavy, too large or has no shape and leaves all your belongings at the bottom, I think you would really love this one- I know I do! You and Vera can take on the fall together.

Shop this bag below:

Totes adorbs,

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