Jack Rogers vs. Birkenstock

July 14, 2017

| Dress: Old Navy | Hat: Draper James | Sandals: Jack Rogers and Birkenstock | Blanket: Target |

If you've been keeping up with some of my latest outfits/purchases, you've probably noticed two pairs of sandals that are brand spankin' new to my closet. I've been obsessing over my gold Jack Rogers Palm Beach sandals and my dark brown Birkenstock Rio sandals. If you're familiar with both of these brands, you probably know these sandals are on the pricier side. (At least for my blog!)

Because I shop resale, you already know your girl didn't pay full price; DUH! I found the Jack Rogers sandals at a local resale store (Clothes Mentor) for $30 and the Birkenstocks at a garage sale for $4. That's almost less than $100 each sandal!

Since I've worn these pairs of sandals quite a bit lately, I wanted to share my experience in both. For today's post, I'm comparing the two to give you a better idea of what they are like to wear. If you have been debating purchasing either of these brands, it will be a summer wardrobe investment. I want to provide all the details I've come up with to help you make a decision on a sandal that will carry you through this season and many more in the future!

Let's compare:


Are these pretties all over your Instagram feed? They are on mine, too! Except last month I spotted them on my local resale store's Insta page and they were for sale in my size for only $30! I couldn't pass up that steal, and I've been wearing them quite often ever since. Here's what I think so far:

These aren't your average dollar store flip flops, as well they shouldn't be! The base is a thick leather with a teenie-meenie heel for support. The top is also a soft leather that doesn't feel uncomfortable on your foot.

The shape of these sandals are VERY thin, so if you have a wider foot size, these probably won't work for you. I personally have thin feet, but I was still worried they were going to feel too small.

Jack Rogers sandals come in different colors and even patterns, but I would recommend a neutral that is versatile with multiple summer outfits. I've found that my gold shade works with so many looks! But if you're a brown/black/white neutral kind of girl, they have those too!

The bottom of these sandals can be super slick; sometimes I feel like I might slip on the tile! Luckily, that hasn't happened yet, even though I'm sure it eventually will. But I do catch myself holding on tighter to the sandals with my toes because of this, which makes things uncomfortable for a full day of wear.


Birks are a boho style must-have, and up until this point, I only had a fair share of footbed sandal dupes from Kohl's and White Mountain. (Still love them, though!) I love pairing these styles with a kimono and boyfriend jeans or with a printed maxi skirt outfit. The difference between the dupes and these new $4 garage sale Birkenstocks is that the Birks have a strap, while my other sandals are slides. Here's my opinion of the REAL Birkenstocks:

You can tell by the bottom of these sandals alone that they are made to kick some a**. The base is thick and built for comfort, like a bed for your feet! (Thus, the name footbed sandals.) These sandals are NOT going to tire out after a few wears.

Unlike the Jack Rogers sandals, Birkenstocks have a wide shape. Although this is better for wider feet, others with thin feet may feel weird in these sandals. Although I can attest that my thin feet still fit comfortably.

Both of these sandals can be worn casually, but the Birks definitely win in the casual department. They're not made for a glamorous occasion, but they are an easy-to-wear style to pair with different casual ensembles.

If I'm planning to be out on my feet for a full day, I would 100 percent choose to wear these. They don't rub any part of my foot the wrong way and they provide lots of support; both physically and emotionally because I think we all feel that kind of love from a good pair of shoes.



Overall, if I were going to invest and pay full price for a pair of these sandals, I would pick the Birkenstocks.

Let me be honest; I'm not against either because I'm obviously lovin' and livin' in both of these sandals this summer! But here's why I pick the Birks:

More versatile. More comfortable. More affordable.

Sure, they are more casual sandals, but in terms of versatility, I feel you can wear the Birkenstocks more. You can throw them on to run to the store, or you can pair them with jeans, a maxi dress, etc. Personally, I would be more cautious about wearing the Jack Rogers pair. The Birks are also more comfortable as explained above because of their footbed shape and soft leather. Finally, they come out cheaper at full price, but you can also find an occasional pair of Birkenstock sandals at DSW on a discount.

So there you have it! I put both sandals to the test and although I'm enjoying both, I'm enjoying the Birks just a tad more. (Don't tell Jack.)

Do you own one or both of these sandal brands? Tell me which you prefer in the comments section! You can also shop these styles and more below:

Sandals and sunshine,

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