Costume "cat" walk

October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween to my readers!

It's a total bummer that Halloween is on a Monday this year. If you're like me, you're stuck at work on this particularly fun holiday. But whether you're working, in the classroom, getting your kids ready for trick or treating, or just plain doing nada, I hope you make the best of this Monday.

A fast and fun fall treat

October 27, 2016

Hi, fashionistas! I hope you brought your appetite!

Today's post is a quick and simple recipe for a yummy, and classic, fall treat.

I was recently invited to a potluck and couldn't decide what to make, until I came across this easy popcorn ball recipe!

I was a little leery at first; I've never eaten a popcorn ball, much less made one. But the recipe seemed doable and screamed "halloween" to me, so I decided to give it a shot. Good thing I did- these snacks were a hit at the party!

Embracing shade with Warby Parker

October 14, 2016

Rise and shine, fashionistas!

I'm so excited for today's post, not because I'm throwing any shade; I'm actually embracing it! I'm talking about SUNGLASSES.

I LOVE sunglasses. I have an amount of pairs that I am ashamed to admit, but out of everything in the fashion world, it's the one accessory that actually has a personal benefit, so why not go a little crazy in the name of your health, AM I RIGHT?!
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