Unboxing time! | March Bless Box

April 7, 2017

Holy moly, here we go! It's APRIL!

Did anyone else feel like they blinked and March was over? I mean, seriously!

Although I hate to see time fly by, the end of the month is always exciting because it means the arrival of a new BLESS BOX!

Today on the blog, I'm unboxing the March box to show you what came inside:


Although I'm very particular about trying new products on my face, I definitely want to give this one a go because it's supposed to really improve the appearance and feel of your skin. My face is so TIRED from this crazy Chicago weather, and somedays it feels like my moisturizer just isn't cutting it.

I'm hoping this will improve the dryness and tightness I feel on my face. Sazan also mentioned it makes her makeup look more radiant, which would be an awesome bonus!


LOVE these friendship bracelets! They're the perfect summer accessory. Plus, this bracelet provides seven meals to children in need- even better!

I love the mixture of colors and can't wait to slap this on when the sun finally shows its face.


This product has me feeling all types of unsure. First, the smell isn't quite coconut, but it is very strong. Second, I'm not big on shimmer products, and this body glow is all SHIMMER. Last, I don't want to be TOO glowy.

I'm not sure if I'll be bold enough to try this product out, so for now, you'll have to just stick with my judgmental attitude toward it.


Extra yum! This nutrition bar sounds so good. I like both cashews and coconut, and the 15 grams of protein has me jumping for joy! I'm always in need of a protein boost throughout the day, so this little bar is headed straight to work with me.


Remember my immediate excitement when I see Colourpop items in the Bless Box? Well that's exactly how I felt this time!...until I tried these products out. Both shades did not work with my skin tone.

I'm not a big fan of lip gloss as it is, but the ultra glossy lip was way too glossy for my taste. The plum color was a nice shade, but the gloss threw it all off for me. I LOVED the formula of the ultra matte lip, so much in fact that I would probably purchase some in a different color. The sookie shade is very deceiving; it looks like it will be a nude pink, but it's actually a deep brown. Maybe this works for Kylie Jenner, but count my pale skin OUT!


OMG, can a girl ever have too many makeup bags?! (Hint: NO) This little pouch is so PRESH! I am obsessed with the fun illustrations of flowers, beauty products and macarons- the essentials!

I used this recently when traveling to Wisconsin for a few days and it packs in a ton! It also has a vinyl liner that is easy to clean if makeup or any other product gets messy.


This has found its way into my Target basket quite a few times, but I always change my mind. I was so excited to find it in the Bless Box because now I can finally test it out!

My fear is that this may be too glowy on my skin, but I'm hoping for the best! A recent tutorial I watched from Maybelline showed how to use this product and suggested dabbing a little lip balm over the applied section for a dewy finish. Worth a shot!


I really can't get enough of the choker trend. I remember buying one at Forever 21 wondering if I would be able to pull it off and now I have close to 10. Sorry not sorry.

I LOVE how simple and classic this pearl choker is. Many of my chokers are more on the bohemian side, so I like that I now have a choker to pair with all types of outfits. Do you believe this one retails for $100?! This was definitely the steal of the month in the BB.


Another month in the books, WOW! It's time to make April the real deal.

Until the next unboxing!

Hasta la pasta,

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