Dating a Fashion Blogger 101

September 26, 2017

^ Actual footage of Adam doing his best to get the right photo and me complaining about him taking too long. ^

I'm so excited for today's post because I'm stepping back and letting Adam take the wheel! He's answering some fun questions about dating a fashion blogger. Take it away, A!


Did you ever think you would date a fashion blogger?
I never thought I would date a blogger. I always try to do my best to adapt to my partner's favorite hobbies and lifestyle- as long as their favorite hobbies do not involve swimming in large bodies of water with carnivorous animals. In other words, I'll happily stick to taking countless pictures while hanging upside down on a street light for the perfect angle, thank you! (laughs)

What irritates you the most about dating a blogger?
One thing I would say that slightly frustrates me would be taking pictures when the lighting is not good outside. I love contributing my photography skills to the blog!

What's it like to shop with the FF?
I would say that shopping with the Fashionable Fox is like walking through a foreign country with a tour guide. Sometimes, while I am shopping with Madame Fox, I pass by an article of clothing or an interesting item on a shelf, I point out how neat it looks and I go, "Oooh, we should get this! It looks interesting!" And my tour guide gives me the run down on what the item is and how she may have the item already. (laughs) I would say the Fox has educated me a lot when it comes to the fashion world! 

What blogging pet peeves does the FF have?
I would say one of the Fox's biggest pet peeves is when I take a photo and she is not centered in the photo or I am standing crooked with the camera. I do my best to be artistic and sometimes when I am hanging from a rail with one hand and a camera in the other, I probably won't be able to get a perfectly squared photo! Kidding! But another pet peeve my favorite blogger has would be when I am taking too long to take a photo and make her hold a pose for longer than necessary. Sometimes it is necessary... I want my photos to be used, and if there is a passerby picking their nose in the background, it wouldn't make for a pleasant photo!

What's your favorite part about dating a blogger?
I have plenty of favorite aspects of dating a blogger. One of my favorites is being able to contribute my efforts to the blog through photography. And who knows, maybe someday I will contribute a blog post of my own about which Chicago sports jersey I decide to wear that day! (laughs) I would also say that my favorite part of dating a blogger is being able to visualize what makes Laura's mind tick. I love being able to see her favorite things put under a microscope and all of the different outfits and items that she enjoys using on a daily basis!


I'm thinking he went a little too easy on me while answering these questions... and the above photo is proof enough! LOL! Being the person behind my camera is not an easy job, but I'm lucky to have a team that puts up with my pet peeves, insecurities and downright craziness!

Thanks for hanging out on the blog today, Adam!


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