Three ways to wear a suede mini dress

January 20, 2017

There's nothing better for your closet than versatile pieces. Honest.

Sure, that printed skirt is ADORABLE, but can you really wear it multiple ways? When I'm out shopping, I always try to picture how I can wear a clothing item before I consider buying it. Do I have shoes/accessories/etc. that can pair with it? I've gotten caught up one too many times buying a cute item and realizing once I get home that I have nothing it will go with. (Hard to believe, I KNOW.)

But don't be fooled; this doesn't mean your wardrobe can only be boring basics that go with anything. There's plenty of on-trend pieces that can be styled different ways. For today's post, I'm going to show you how to style a camel brown suede mini dress I snagged at Old Navy on clearance for $14. Don't believe me that there is three ways to do it? Keep reading...

Look #1 | Patterned long sleeve

Old Navy dress | Old Navy long sleeve top | Target necklace | Target tights | Aerosoles boots | Coach handbag
I love how throwing a long sleeve under a mini dress gives it that "school girl jumper" vibe. But instead of uncomfortable polyester, this look is way more chic. I chose a simple black and white striped LS from Old Navy to layer underneath this suede number. The black trim on the neck makes this top look dressier than it really is, which allows it to pair well with the dress.

I accessorized with a beaded tassel necklace from Target, black Aerosoles booties and my GORGEOUS new black Coach bag I found at Clothes Mentor. (Can you tell I'm obsessed?)

Hint: If a patterned top is too much for your own personal style, try a solid color for a simpler look. Also, choose bold accessories to make this look more fab!

Look #2 | Cropped sweater

Old Navy dress | Mossimo Supply Co. from Target sweater | Target tights | Chinese Laundry boots | Free People choker
Everything is cropped these days; shirts, pants, etc. I love pairing a cropped sweater with a skirt, so I decided to take the same black cropped sweater by Mossimo Supply Co. from Target and layer it over my suede mini dress. It makes the dress look like a skirt, but cuts out the fear of too much skin showing with the cropped top. I kept the colors neutral, only pairing black and brown.

For shoes, I wore black fringe Chinese Laundry booties. I also put on my new Ettika x Free People Doubled Crossed Suede Choker. The color of the choker matches the color of the dress, and it turns the whole look from neutral to edgy. You can find this exclusive (and extra cute) choker now in Free People stores and on their website. Hurry, before they sell out!

Hint: For a full-on boho look, try a tribal print cropped sweater or top. This look doesn't have to just be neutral colors, but don't forget to bring your choker game!

Look #3 | Plaid cape

Old Navy dress | Old Navy cape | Target tights | Old Navy boots | Resale necklace
If you're not crazy big on layering, this may be the look for you. I slid on this plaid Old Navy cape with the dress for a cozier outfit. It's easy to pair capes with different things, but pairing it with a suede dress is more outside the box and unexpected. The different colors and pattern really bring a new dimension to the dress, which can be plain standing alone.

A comfy pair of Old Navy suede buckle boots were my shoe of choice, along with a green stone necklace to color match the cape.

Hint: Capes are a favorite of mine, but if you don't own any in your wardrobe, a long cardi or shawl is a great alternative for this look- still comfy and easy layering!


Ta-da! Three different ways to wear a basic dress that is a hot style and material at the moment. It's all about taking the piece you want to wear and building everything else around it.

Do you think there are only three ways to style this dress? Guess again! The possibilities are endless.

What are some of your ideas?


Special thanks to Ettika for partnering with me on their latest jewelry collaboration!

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