Why vests are my favorite fall/winter fashion piece

October 27, 2015

Greetings, stylish readers!

Today I am talking about my all time FAV fashion piece that is trending this fall and winter. VESTS.

Vests stepped on the scene last winter and the trend has carried over into this fall. Last year, I was very hesitant at first. Down vests are so puffy and bulky; I had no confidence that I could pull that look off. I thought I would look part marshmallow, part oompa loompa, and ZERO part fashionable.

A week-long outfit roundup

October 20, 2015

Hello, trendsetters!

Today, I am giving you a recap on my outfits from last week. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my #OOTD posts. Let's talk about those looks in a little more detail..

Old Navy haulin'

October 13, 2015

Hi there, fashionistas/os!

For today's post, I'm talking about all of my favorite finds this season at Old Navy!

I am a loyal Old Navy shopper, but I know it can get a bit pricey. The only time I typically go there to shop is when I have an awesome coupon, they're having a big sale or, to dig through their clearance.

First recipe video and some new fun fall kicks

October 1, 2015

Hello, fashionable friends! I hope you're ready for a sweet treat...

Today, I am bringing you my FIRST EVER recipe tutorial video. I am always trying new recipes out on Pinterest, so this time around, I decided to make a video for my fabulous followers, so you can try the recipe out too!
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