The FF Reads | Summer Books

August 29, 2019

It's officially official! I completed my reading challenge for 2019!

I met my goal of 10 books for the year with four months to spare. Remember when I said I chose 10 because I didn't want to feel too much pressure to achieve a goal that was supposed to be fun? Well it WAS  fun! I spent more of my free time reading instead of scrolling through my phone or watching TV.

That amount may seem extremely small to avid readers, but I have truthfully never been big on reading leisurely. I'm very particular about the kind of books I like and I also prefer to write instead, so dedicating myself to this goal was a little risky. I'm SO glad I decided to do it though; quality reading time is one of my new favorite things.  Maybe next year I should kick it up to 12?!
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