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March 18, 2019

The Monday Motivator is a series meant to motivate, encourage, inspire and provide advice on real life stuff.*

The Beatles once sang  "I get by with a little help from my friends."  They weren't lying. We need friends. Friendship is important.

Our friends make us laugh. They're present for some of our biggest moments. They see us for who we are and understand us for what we're not.

Some people are lucky enough to have childhood friendships that last through the years. I have seen a lot of change in my life, and with that comes friendships that come and go. Because of this, I am a strong believer in  quality over quantity.

I may not be an expert on friendship itself, but I do feel that I have a pretty good idea about what it means to be a good friend.

Here is what I believe to be true about friendship:

  • Friends are easy to talk to.  You shouldn't feel nervous around them.
  • Friends love your similarities, and also your differences.  Having both makes a friendship exciting.
  • Friends are supportive.  They are cheerleaders through happy times and listening ears during bad times.
  • Friends understand.  If you cancel plans because you had a rough day, they just get it.
  • Friends remember.  From your birthday to the day you leave for a trip, they are thinking of you.
  • Friends make things special.  They'll surprise you or make you feel loved on an important day.
  • Friends communicate.  They check in when life gets temporarily too hectic to spend time together.
  • Friends are always there.  Even if you don't talk every single day, they always have your back.
  • Friends are honest.  If they disagree or are hurt by each other's actions, they say something.
  • Friends laugh, and friends cry.  They see each other through it all.
  • Friends know each other.  What they love, what they hate. What scares them. What brings them the most joy.
  • Friends are good at being friends.  And they know exactly what it takes to be one.

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