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March 11, 2019

The Monday Motivator is a series meant to motivate, encourage, inspire and provide advice on real life stuff.*

Happy Monday!

Since I'm always the voice behind the motivation in my weekly Monday Motivators, I decided that for this week's post, I would write about voices that have motivated me.

Keeping on brand with my reading goal for 2019, I've chosen five books I've read that I personally feel have inspiring content and motivating messages.

Here are the books I recommend reading if you need a pep talk, energy boost or a fire lit under your booty:

I read this book a little over a year ago and it was awesome. Lisa Sugar is the founder of POPSUGAR- an online media company that covers all things pop culture. Lisa writes about her life and how it all came together, from her greatest triumphs to her biggest setbacks. She talks about what she has learned in her journey and uses it to inspire her readers. This book is like a conversation with your best friend who has all the answers.

I finished Ice Cream for Breakfast about two years ago and remember devouring it. Laura Jane Williams perfectly teaches you how to rediscover your inner child in the pages of this book. With topics like "on slowing the fuck down" and "make a mess, tidy it up,"  you will laugh and feel inspired with every turn of the page. Plus, there are different journal prompts at the end of chapters to really get you thinking.

If you know me, you know Lea Michele is my favorite celebrity ever. I look up to her, and rightfully so because she is a powerful force. Her first book, Brunette Ambition,  is all about her life; how she got to where she is today and her experience on Glee, along with her life tips on friendship, self-care, fashion, etc. I'm already inspired by Lea, but reading her book motivated me to strive for the same ambitious attitude she has.

This book was lovely because it was a daily read, meaning you read a short, two page essay each day for 100 days. Annie Downs compiled 100 different topics to motivate readers to become the bravest version of themselves. The book is written in sections, such as "brave enough to start" and "brave enough to work hard."  After the story each day, you are encouraged to do a specific task to be brave. If you are looking for motivation based in faith, this is the book for you.

I just finished Why Not Me?  and wrote about it in my February Reads blog post. In fact, I finished both of Mindy Kaling's books. I found that while still rooted in comedy, Why Not Me?  included a lot of motivating tidbits throughout the book, especially on topics about working hard and feeling good about yourself. If you ask me, Mindy is a total badass, so any book written by a fierce, girl boss like her is sure to motivate me.

What books have motivated you to be a better version of yourself? Share them with me!

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