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November 20, 2018

It's almost THANKSGIVING and I'm over here all giddy doing my fat pants happy dance!

Thanksgiving is the BEST in my house. We kick off the day in our pajamas, watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and preparing things for dinner. We eventually trade in our pajamas for sweatpants and cozy sweaters and spend time together on the couch as a family before we dig in to all the goods my mom made for our meal. I love everything about this day because I'm never obligated to be anywhere. I don't have to put on any makeup and my outfit is allowed to be as casual as I want.

I'm one of the few lucky indiviuals who don't have to go anywhere for Thanksgiving. I get to enjoy all of the holiday activities from the comfort of my own home. But if you have to hit the road for turkey day, you don't necessarily have to sacrifice comfort. For today's fall stylebook, I put together an outfit that looks polished and fashionable, but is just as comfortable as your PJs. Okay, maybe not AS comfortable as your PJs, but pretty darn close. Take a look:

For Thanksgiving, your choice in pants is most important. If your holiday celebration isn't one where leggings are socially acceptable, have no fear. In this look, I started with my FAVORITE jeggings- the a.n.a pull on jean from JCPenney. These pants appear to be the cutest skinny jean, but the secret is they have a stretch waistband and soft denim material. I live for these- it never feels like I'm wearing jeans. Plus, they're less than $30 and JCP is always good for a coupon!

On top, I first picked out this Elle tan sleeveless mock neck from Kohl's. It's a cozy, warm sweater material with a long, loose-fitting cut. It's the perfect layering piece for the fall/winter. For this look, I layered it underneath the COMFIEST cardigan. I am not kidding; this french terry cardigan from Forever 21 is so unbelievably soft. It feels like a sweatshirt in cardigan form. It comes in three different colors, but for this Thanksgiving outfit, I'm wearing the "amber" shade, which is the ultimate color for fall. These cardigans are only $20 and worth every penny; they are beyond cozy. And did I mention they have POCKETS?!

For shoes, I thought why not make it feel like you're wearing a slipper? The A New Day Rebe fur mules from Target come off dressy because of the black leather and gold hardware. The faux fur lining is where the comfort comes into play because it's soft and slipper-like. I also added a small Vera Bradley crossbody to hold my phone, simple gold earrings from LOFT Outlet and a "blessed" bracelet from a local boutique. 

This outfit brings your best fashion game to the table, whether you're still stuck at the kids table or not. It is effortlessly chic, as well as comfortable in all the right places. No need to make room for seconds in this ensemble; you're coming prepared to FEAST; all while looking stylish AF, of course!

Shop the pieces from this stylebook below:

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