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October 22, 2018

The Monday Motivator is a series meant to motivate, encourage, inspire and provide advice on real life stuff.*

There's a saying that goes "stay close to anything that makes you glad to be alive."

I'm not sure who said this. I've only seen it on Pinterest. So if you're the owner and you're reading this, thanks for the words. 

For today's Monday Motivator, the day before my niece turns one, I felt this was an appropriate topic.

It's been a wonderful and crazy year. I remember this time last year, I was making ZERO plans because I knew my niece could arrive at any given moment.

Right before she was born, a lot of crazy, chaotic things were happening in my life. But the second I met her, nothing else mattered. And it's been that way ever since.  

As of recently, life has gotten a little weird. Boys are confusing. Friends are different. My business is changing and my career is on the up. I'm just rolling with all of it. 

What I've learned about myself this past year is that I'm at my best when I'm with my niece. I let everything else go; every stress, thought and to-do list is put on hold because like I said, nothing else matters. When she's smiling at me, I have everything I need.

"Stay close to anything that makes you glad to be alive."

Today, I'm encouraging you to find your anything. It could be a person or a place, a hobby or an activity. Your anything should be the thing that makes everything else disappear and over time, turns you into a better version of yourself.

I've found my anything. I have my niece to thank for that. Now go find yours.

Happy First Birthday, P. Holding on to you tight.

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