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October 29, 2018

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I'm going to be honest with you- I have an attitude writing this week's Monday Motivator. My gears have been grinding lately because of one thing: Facebook.

I know what you're thinking. A blogger? Annoyed with social media? Aren't you kind of asking for it?

Although social media is a huge part of the business of blogging, I don't find myself as annoyed with my blogging side of social media as much as I do with my own personal social media. Sure, the comparison game on Instagram continues to be a STRUGGLE, but that is a topic for another Monday.

I manage my Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and blog Facebook page like a business. But I do have a personal Facebook page, which is where my current frustration lies.

So I did a thing.

I purged my Facebook friends list.

Now let me be clear- I'm not that type of person who's going to post a status like "just deleted a buncha ppl so consider urself lucky if u r still on here."  Uh, no. I didn't do this to make a statement or as a cry for attention. I did it for none other than my own personal wellbeing. 

What a concept, right? Doing something on social media for OURSELVES without wondering what others will think? But in this day and age of seeing everything about everyone online, it's important to take care of yourself. 

Let me explain why I did this before I give you any kind of advice. First off, I knew I had way too many people on FB that I didn't communicate with anymore. If you're not caring about what I'm doing, and I'm not caring about what you're doing, then what's the point, right? This sounds kinda harsh, but it's true. That person you had in one  of your classes during high school and haven't talked to since? There's really no need to stay connected on Facebook.

Second, I get tired of seeing people be mean. If you are posting or sharing hurtful or hateful stuff, I DO NOT want that in my personal circle. I do not approve of others sharing or discussing someone else's failures just to build themselves up. Some people will never stop being bullies.

And third. The bottom line is I wanted a smaller, tighter circle on Facebook. As I'm getting older and sharing more personal news about myself, I don't want just anyone to hear about it. I want a group of people who actually want to share in my excitements and disappointments; the entire roller coaster of life. This is information meant for your friends, not your entire graduating class. 

It's important to understand that I don't have any bitterness toward people. I didn't purge my FB list in a fit of rage. I did it because I wanted my Facebook "friends"  to be just that: my actual friends that I want to stay in contact with.

I deleted over 300 people and can be honest and completely transparent when I say I genuinely felt lighter afterward. It wasn't necessarily something that was stressing me out, but it was enough to obviously disrupt my personal vibes if I'm feeling a weight off of my shoulders at the end of it. 

So here's my advice: look through your friends list. If you've kept your circle tight or like how it is, good for you. But if you're asking yourself "who even is this?" or "why do I still have them on here?", take some time to go through and clean it up. Don't feel bad about deleting people; if you haven't talked in ages, chances are they won't even notice. Do whatever you need to feel happy and healthy. And lighter.

And to be blunt, does it really matter? It's only Facebook.


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