The Monday Motivator | Telling Self-Doubt to Shut Up

August 20, 2018

Happy Monday! After a truly amazing response to last month's post, A Note On Being True to Yourself, I was feeling so inspired to start up a new series on the blog. The Monday Motivator will feature a new post on Mondays that is meant to motivate, encourage, inspire and provide advice on real life stuff.

A lot of the responses I received from last month's post were "I really needed this." I want The Monday Motivator to be exactly what you (and I!) need each week. We all know Mondays are rough; but if we start off the week on a good note, we can feel motivated to get through it together. I hope you'll join me every Monday with a strong cup of coffee and an open mind as I address topics that I personally feel can help us all feel stronger.


I like to think of self-worth as the little angel on your shoulder that reminds you how brave, confident and downright awesome you are. But on the other shoulder sits the devil, this JERK we call self-doubt. It doesn't matter how confident you are, each one of us deals with self-doubt on some kind of level.

This very common tale of doubting ourselves is most times at the root of other issues too, such as being highly introverted, having anxiety or struggling with disorders. If we are consistently doubting ourselves as individuals, we are shutting out growth, confidence and positivity.

Self-doubt is a constant in my life which frustrates the hell out of me because I'm a woman who is typically very sure of herself. I'm independent and don't mind doing my own thing, but even still, I get knocked down by the bully that is self-doubt. 

But what if we stopped letting self-doubt knock us down? What if we literally told self-doubt to "shut up"? 

A good friend recently told me a story about feeling nervous when going out with a group of people they didn't really know. But it turned out after pushing self-doubt aside and deciding to just go for it, my friend ended up having the best time! Isn't that so relatable? If I had a dollar for every time I've either thought about cancelling or cancelled plans because of self-doubt, let's just say I could quit my job and blog full time. But the point is by leaving this doubt in the dust, my friend ended up having fun, which wouldn't have happened if they let self-doubt win. 

When you're picking out an outfit thinking it won't be good enough next to what your friends are wearing. When you're cancelling plans because you are nervous to go out with a new group of people. When you're thinking you'll never be enough for a romantic partner. When you're standing in the mirror thinking you NEED to put makeup on. When you're certain you won't make it to the finish line. When you're comparing your life to others while scrolling through Instagram. These times, my friends, are the times we need to drown out every negative thought in our own brain and just say SHUT UP.

Reality check: You are your own individual self. You are one of a kind. Embrace everything that makes you different because your differences make you richer. Don't think for one more second that you are not "enough" because newsflash: you were born enough. And don't grant self-doubt the power to control your thoughts any longer. This is easier said than done, but if you follow the "shut up" rule, you will notice over time how negative thoughts turn into positive ones. Positive thoughts equals a positive life.

I'm carrying this advice with me this week. How about you?

Keep it sunny,

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