Packing List: Disneyland

May 3, 2018

Hey y'all! I'm headed to Disneyland in less than a week; I can't believe it! The excitement (and nerves) are really kicking in. I am SO ready to be wheels up and on my way to California!

Today on the blog, I'm sharing my packing list for Disneyland. I'll be packing pretty light for this trip, but I can't forget the essentials! Here's what I'll be taking to Cali with me:

I went all out and got a different Disney shirt for each day of my trip. Makers on Etsy create some of the coolest tees- check out shops like Dashing Vacations and Shine Designs if you're a Disney fanatic. 

For a trip like Disney, it's all about comfort, so I picked out linen shorts from Old Navy that match my themed shirts. They're loose and lightweight so I can stay cool and comfy all day long.

I knew my shoe choice had to seriously be built for comfort considering all the walking I'll be doing. I bought the Keds Vollie Sneaker in white from DSW. They have a memory foam lining (yay!) and the color will match all my outfits. 

In case it gets EXTRA hot, I 'm going to bring my Birkenstock Rio sandals with me. These are heavy duty and very comfortable to walk in all day, so I know they are a safe backup choice. 

My time in Cali is limited, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to squeeze in any swimming, but my hotel has a pool, so I'm bringing my suit just in case. 

Word on the street is that California gets a little chilly at night, so I picked up this sweatshirt from Old Navy to keep with me just in case the air calls for it.

I'll need a bag for all of my belongings I'm bringing with to the park, so I'll be carrying my Vera Bradley Frannie crossbody purse. It's my favorite crossbody at the moment because it holds a lot of items, yet is still small and lightweight. 

Two essentials I know I will need. I'm bringing a pair of my cheaper sunglasses just in case I lose them, and I'll need my Aveeno Protect and Hydrate Sunscreen for sure. 

My phone needs to be charged up and ready for full days of action. I will be taking LOTS of pictures!

I picked up a Disneyland guidebook at Barnes and Noble a while ago, so I will be bringing it with me to help point me in the right direction of all the attractions on my bucket list.

I'll need all the necessary toiletries like face wash and tooth paste, but I plan to keep it very minimal with makeup. I'm taking foundation and mascara ONLY. And maybe I won't even bring that.

The plane ride is four hours, so to pass time I'll bring something good to read and some music, of course. 

No explanation needed. Gotta have my snacks on the plane.

What suggestions do you have when packing for a trip to Disney?

Taking off,

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