My Skincare Routine

April 26, 2018

I've been contemplating writing a skincare routine post for a while now, and after seeing the responses on my Instagram story, it seems to be something my readers are interested in- so TODAY'S THE DAY!

Before I begin, I want to make note that I have very dry, sensitive skin. Although I am no stranger to an oily face during the summer, for the most part, my skin is dry. Besides my teen years, I also don't struggle with breakouts; only occasional pimples depending on the time of the month.

If you're used to dealing with oil and fighting breakouts, you're probably thinking "wow, I hate her right now." But since I've been through both stages; the oily stage in my teen years and now the dry stage, I can tell you personally that they are both equally a pain in the you know what.

Most of the products I use are gentle for your skin while cleansing pores and fighting off acne, which I feel will work for both skin types!

Here's my routine:

In the A.M., I wash my face with Aveeno's Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser. I prefer a foaming cleanser in the morning because it's easier to rinse off. This product helps prevent breakouts and leaves your skin more clear and even-looking. I love the Aveeno brand because their products are gentle on my face, yet still target pores to prevent breakouts.

I won't go too far into detail about my makeup routine because that's not really the purpose of this post, but if you're wondering which products I keep in my makeup bag, you can read about them here. What I do want to mention is my face makeup. I'm super simple so I only use foundation on my face each day. I swear by Neutrogena's Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation because it is a clean makeup that gives you great coverage AND is dermatologist developed with pure minerals that helps your skin instead of clogging it up. My skin is most important so I always opt for makeup products that value my skin as well.

I shower 99 percent of the time at night, only making exceptions on the weekend, so I never have an excuse to not wash off my makeup. In the shower, I use Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne Wash. I've been using this product since high school and I've found it to be a really simple gel formula that washes away all the dirt and makeup from the day. This face wash has been around for a long time, which says a lot about the product and the Neutrogena brand.

Exfoliating is not meant to be an everyday thing, so I try to do it at least 1-2 times per week, which sometimes is saved for the weekends. I recently started using L'Oreal's Pure-Sugar Scrub. The brand offers three different kinds based on your skin needs and I'm using the cocoa formula to nourish and soften my face. (Plus it smells like chocolate!) You can also use this product as a lip scrub. I like using this on my face so far; it leaves my skin soft and glowy.

I've tried out a lot of different face moisturizers this year and the one that worked best is Pond's Dry Skin Cream. I like this formula because it doesn't feel heavy on my skin, but instead gives it smooth coverage and a soft glow. I put it on before bed so it can work its magic all night.


Other products I use:
I occasionally use this as a mask when my skin is feeling itchy or irritated. It's very calming,

My everyday lotion for my hands and body. I use the Eczema Therapy formula in the winter when I have an Eczema breakout.

A more affordable version of the Clarisonic brush. I use this when washing my face, but not in the colder months because it's too rough on my dry skin.

My everyday lip balm. I carry this everywhere and apply it at least three times a day.

You can shop ALL of these products below:

Even though I keep up with my skincare routine on the daily, the best tip I'll ever have for taking care of your skin is DRINK WATER. My mom taught me this since the beginning and it is SO true. The more water you drink, the healthier your skin will look and feel!

Brighten up,

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