The 23 Before the 24

May 17, 2018

Do you know what time it is?!

Sunday is my BIRTHDAY which means it's time for my annual reflection of the year. If you weren't here last year, WELCOME FRIEND! This reflection is when I talk about 23 things from the year before I turn the big 2-4.

23 was full of many highs and a few big lows, but it's easy to bury the lows in the past when the highs were just so, well, HIGH. Let's do this thing.

1 | My highlight from 22 was finding out I was going to be an aunt, so my top highlight for 23, by a landslide, is becoming an aunt to Penelope. She's my favorite everything.

2 | I redesigned the whole blog for a more modern feel, including a new logo- what do you think so far?

3 | The discovery of Raising Cane's chicken tenders has been an important HIGHLIGHT.

4 | You know how hard it is to find comfortable jeans that fit perfect? Well I found them. The Power Jean from Old Navy.

5 | I'm celebrating two years at my job, so cheers to dedication. Time flies.

6 | I did a crazy thing recently and spent a lot of money on VIP tickets to Lea Michele's concert in June. She is my all time FAVORITE singer and I have no regrets.

7 | Finding my long lost favorite childhood restaurant during a road trip... FAZOLI'S!

8 | Just when you thought we couldn't get more attached at the hip, my mom and I wore matching Old Navy sweatshirts.

9 | I've traveled a lot during my 23rd year, including to Houston, Milwaukee, Anaheim and (very soon) Nashville.

10 | Speaking of traveling, I JUST got back from my first ever solo vacation! I experienced a trip alone and it was so empowering. I'll write a separate blog post about it soon.

11 | And where exactly did I travel to alone? I went to DISNEYLAND for the first time in my life and it lived up to all of my hopes and dreams and then some! I was 23 and the biggest kid there. NO SHAME! I will be writing about my experience there soon, too.

12 | I watched a lot of shows on Netflix and Hulu and started watching some new shows on TV, including Parenthood, The Goldbergs, This Is Us, Nashville, 9-1-1, The Resident and Station 19. I recommend all of them, but if you love comedy, I recommend The Goldbergs the most!

13 | One of my best friend's got married and two of them bought a house, when only 8 years ago we were at Steak and Shake for dinner because it was all we could afford. Adulting at its finest!

14 | Joining the Windy City Blogger Collective community has been very helpful and fun- it makes me a better blogger!

15 | Finding a cold shoulder dress that I'm actually comfortable in: CHECK!

16 | Being introduced to Mother Wilma's s'mores. All I can say is WOW.

17 | I finally got medical attention for a couple issues I was faced with which is why I am now a huge advocate for finding a doctor you really like. If you're not 110% comfortable with your doctors or therapists, there are many more out there, so don't settle. 

18 | It took me long enough, but I finally made it to The Hampton Social for brunch. It's just as Insta-worthy as it looks.

19 | I had so much fun shooting blog photos with the talent behind Hilltop Photo Co.

20 | My skincare routine post gathered a lot of attention- I love giving my readers advice! What advice do you want next?

21 | I experienced my first out of state concert in September when I saw One Republic in Houston.

22 | Speaking of Houston, I was one of the many people who provided financial support for the relief of Hurricane Harvey. Because of this, more than 1.6 million relief items were distributed, over 4.5 million meals and snacks were served and over 575,000 severely affected households received financial assistance. Shoutout to the American Red Cross for making it all possible. 

23 | This may sound corny, but I started reading "100 Days to Brave" by Annie F. Downs. I'm 54 days in and have noticed a complete shift in my level of bravery. I feel more confident and brave expressing myself and opening up to others. I highly recommend it.

To wrap it all up, here's my favorite outfit from my 23rd year:

I wore this dress from LOFT for a wedding and it's equally parts flattering and comfortable! I felt like my best self in that outfit.

I very clearly remember the days leading up to my 23rd birthday; I was super clumsy, everything seemed to be going wrong and I was so certain that 23 was going to be the WORST. Pro tip: Bloggers aren't always right, even though we like to act like we are. I sure am glad I was wrong about that one because 23 turned out to be a truly magical year.

Bring it on, 24.

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