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July 15, 2016

It's happened thousands of times... you see the perfect dress, purse, shoes, etc. that you just HAVE TO HAVE right this second. You go to buy/order it and then... it's SOLD OUT.

This scenario happens to me way too often, especially when you see something other bloggers are wearing and you don't beat the rest of the social media crowd to it. I try to tell myself, "well, it wasn't meant to be," but sometimes accepting that is way too hard!

This just happened to me recently: Angela from The Thrifty Pineapple blog was wearing this colorful tassel necklace that was just to die for. I called the boutique she bought it at, and it was completely sold out. BUMMER!

I can't say I was surprised they were all gone- it's freakin' adorable. But still, I felt it was the awesome accessory my summer wardrobe was in need of.

But after thinking about it, why couldn't I have my own colorful tassel necklace?! Let's make one!

Here's how to make my easy peasy DIY summer tassel necklace:

1 | The necklace

First, you'll want to find the necklace you'll be using. A long necklace made with wood or plastic beads will work perfectly. If you want to get really into it, you can pick out your own beads from the craft store and string them yourself.

I found this necklace with carved wooden beads from a recent flea market for only $3. I bought it with the intentions of just wearing it as is, but it turned out to be the perfect necklace for this project.

2 | The tassels

You'll want to choose bright, colorful tassels for the summer. There are a variety of tassel charms at the craft store and on Etsy. Deciding between a thread tassel and a suede tassel and deciding on the size of the tassel is part of the process.

I wanted small suede tassels, and I found these sets at my local Hobby Lobby store. Each package costs $5.99 each, but (HINT!) if you download the RetailMeNot app to your phone, you can find a 40% off one item coupon to use at Hobby Lobby every time you visit. If you don't have a Hobby Lobby nearby, I'm sure you can find tassels at your local craft store.

3 | Putting it all together

A pair of pliers is the only tool you will need to put this necklace together. First, lay out the tassels to figure out their spacing on the necklace and which colors will go where. Then you will be ready to start putting the charms on.

Take a tassel charm and using the pliers, separate the ends of the loop and stick the loop in between two beads.

Then, use the pliers to pinch the loop closed. Be sure the ends are tightly together, so the tassels will not fall off.

Repeat these steps with each tassel charm around the necklace until complete!

How easy is that! Only three materials are needed to make it, and it cost under $15 to put together. This necklace is a lot of fun and incorporates the current tassel trend. Pair it with a simple white dress to give your outfit the perfect pop of summer color!

It's your turn to make this fun accessory. Leave some comments below and let me know what you think!

Craft on,

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