An ode to the Chicago Cubs

November 6, 2016

On Nov. 2, at approximately 11:48 p.m. (in Chicago), the Chicago Cubs became World Series champions after a 108-year drought.

I was lucky enough to see this game through multiple eyes; a crowded bar of people, my mom and dad who are new to the game, and Adam, the diehard fan.

But perhaps the reaction I understood the most was Kris Bryant's after Mike Montgomery's ball came off the bat of Cleveland's Michael Martinez. From the moment the ball hit the ground, Bryant was smiling. Because unlike the rest of us, screaming and holding our breath, he knew he had it. He smiled as he picked it up, threw it to Anthony Rizzo at first base and fell to the ground.

That was it. That was the moment we've all been waiting for.

The moment for me was an episode of excitement, with fireworks going off outside as I sobbed into Adam's tight hug (The good kind of tears, obviously).

As the days begin to pass, I continue to reflect on that smile Kris Bryant had on his face during the final play. The kind of smile that is sure of itself. The one that knows the next moment will start a fire. The smile that says "I've made dreams come true."

Photo courtesy of Business Insider

This is an emotion we can all relate to, I'm sure, at some point or another. A team that has been 108 years without a World Series title kept working, rebuilding and grinding until they could finally say they were champions again.

With a record that daunting, it takes serious faith and courage to keep working to make the dream come true. I'm sure the team, the organization and the fans came to moments where they've had enough. But no one went anywhere; they all just stayed patient.

I, myself can relate to this emotion with my blog. After four years, I can confidently reflect on the times where I was ready to give up- times where the work I was putting in didn't feel worth it. I would think to myself, "Is there anybody out there listening to me?"

In fact, there was; and there continues to be an audience growing everyday. My readers make it all worth it. And with every sliver of feedback I receive, I can feel the same smile of accomplishment as Bryant had that evening.

Just as my readers make writing worthwhile, Cubs fans make winning worthwhile for this team. All their handwork was, of course, for themselves, but also for us. For the city of Chicago.

I can't call myself a life-long Cubs fan. When Adam stepped into my life three years ago, he taught me everything about the game, the players and how to keep the faith. One of our first dates was at Wrigley Field, which turned into many dates at the friendly confines- a place that now feels like home. At 20 years old, I was a fan. That's my story.

Reading all of the other stories this week from friends about their childhoods as Cubs fans, or stories about the generations before me who have waited this long to see a team of champions; these are the tales of true patience and persistence.

What we can take away from this entire experience- from Rizzo's "glass case of emotions," Ross' year-long retirement party, Schwarber's World Series return and Bryant's final play smile- is that patience takes you to the top.

Thank you for believing in the Cubs and thank you for believing in this blog.

Go Cubs go,

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