Stocking stuffers: Affordable beauty must-haves

December 23, 2016

2 days until Christmas. Wait, WHAT?!

The holiday season has flown by, but I still feel like there is so much to do. Between wrapping presents, baking treats and picking up any last minute gifts, it's GO TIME.

I figured now is the perfect time to talk about a few of the beauty products I currently can't live without. Beauty products always make great stocking stuffers and my favs right now are all super affordable. So if you need some last minute ideas you can pick up at the drug store, this post is for you!

I'm rounding up four products, so sit back, relax and get some inspo for those beauty mavens in your life to surprise them this holiday.

1 | Wet n' Wild Photo Focus eyeshadow primer

This stuff is CRAZY excellent. I purchased it back in April to use for my brother's wedding and it really got the job done. I went a full day without any smears or ugly creasing. The eyeshadow stays locked in all day long. And let me tell you, I really got down on the dance floor.

If you've kept up with me for a while, you know I'm not a heavy makeup user, so I don't use this product every single day. But if it's a day I know I need my makeup to last, it's an essential. It's also ridiculously cheap; only $4.69 at Target. WORTH IT.

2 | Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Angel mascara

There's no way you can be a makeup person and not see this product all over social media. When it hit the shelves, it was everywhere. Personally, I prefer Covergirl mascaras because of the thick, clump-free formula. But when I was getting ready to be a cat for Halloween this year (LOL, remember that?!), I picked it up because it claimed to push up the corners of your lashes and really add a dramatic cat eye affect to the look.

The wand of this mascara is very unique- it is curved and only has small bristles on one side. But it does add great length to the outer lashes. For anyone who rocks cat eye liner on the daily, I'd say this product is perfect for them. It's a little more wet than I prefer, but I do like the overall payoff. Plus, it's only $7.49 at your local beauty department.

3 | L'Oreal True Match Lumi Powder Glow Illuminator highlighter/blush

Say hello to my new favorite highlighter. I don't like highlighters that have a lot of shimmer/glitter action, so I was on the hunt for a highlighter I would actually use. I love getting a faux glow from bronzers during the summer, but I prefer to use a highlighter for the winter months instead.

This L'Oreal illuminator is a highlighter and a blush in one, which I love because it lightly pigments my skin while giving me an even faux glow. The shimmer factor is very subtle and focuses more on the glow instead of the glitter. If you just want to brighten your face and give it some color, you'll want to check this out for only $10.99. It also comes in two other colors. This shade is called "rose."

4 | Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion

Okay, winter SUCKS. Because dry skin, that's why. If you're anything like me, your skin just can't take the winter months. But the brand I always stand by is Aveeno. I've used Aveeno face wash for quite some time, but when my skin wasn't healing from other lotions, I decided to give their lotion a try.

The lotion instantly smooths my skin. Although I am horrible at keeping up with putting on lotion, when I am using it, it works. I use the daily moisturizing lotion, but they have many different formulas, including a lavender stress relief lotion and one for eczema therapy, which I have also used when my eczema acts up. I've had nothing but luck with this brand, and if dry skin is making you crazy, I think you will too.

Aveeno can be a tad pricier depending on the bottle size, but if you just want to give it a try or stuff it in a stocking, you can find travel size bottles at Target for 97 cents.


I reccommend any of these products, and the really great thing is you can find them at local drug stores and beauty departments. It really sucks to do any kind of last minute shopping, but hopefully these ideas will only find you running down the street to pick them up, instead of wandering around a store with no clue what to buy.

Wishing you a very happy holidays! I'll be back after Christmas with more.


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