Embracing shade with Warby Parker

October 14, 2016

Rise and shine, fashionistas!

I'm so excited for today's post, not because I'm throwing any shade; I'm actually embracing it! I'm talking about SUNGLASSES.

I LOVE sunglasses. I have an amount of pairs that I am ashamed to admit, but out of everything in the fashion world, it's the one accessory that actually has a personal benefit, so why not go a little crazy in the name of your health, AM I RIGHT?!

I teamed up with Warby Parker to try out five different styles of sunglasses and give my readers some insight. These shades aren't necessarily as budget-friendly as a pair from the drugstore, but when it comes to protecting your eyes, a good pair of sunglasses is a worthwhile investment- especially with the good quality WP provides.

When picking out the five frames I wanted to try, I went for a variety instead of having all similar styles. You never know when a different style will end up being your fav! Let's do this.

Style #1: Raglan in Jet Black

I chose this pair first because you can never go wrong with a classic black rounded frame with the slightest cat eye. I believe a pair like this looks great on every face shape, and the neutral color pairs with any outfit.

If you're hunting for a simple pair of sunglasses that complements anything and everything, you would love the Raglan.

Style #2: Topper in River Stone Blue Fade 

This style was totally out of the box for me; I'm not big on colored frames unless it's a simple tortoise shell. The photo online shows the coloring as brown, wood-like stripes on top with a baby blue fade into the bottom of the frame. It caught my attention, so I wanted to give it a shot.

The frame shape reminded me of Ray-Ban Wayfarer's, but they were actually a lot smaller than that. I thought the blue color on the bottom would be more comparable to an ocean blue, but it was more of a clearish, very light blue. I wasn't crazy about this pair, but I would say if you had more sporty style and a small face shape, you would really like them.

Style #3: Griffin in Blonde Tortoise 

These sunnies are a fun twist on the aviator style- instead of a thin and chrome-like frame, the Griffin is thick with a less rounded top and comes in this light brown/caramel color called Blonde Tortoise.

I LOVED this pair. Not only did they fit my face really well, but I love the light tortoise color. It's a very neutral tone that will work perfect with any look.

Style #4: Banks in Sea Smoke Tortoise 

Talk about GLAM! These shades are the epitome of fabulous. More and more fashion bloggers are opting for a pair of sunglasses like these for a chic touch. I love the large cat eye shape and the black tortoise color.

Although they may be a little large for everyone's own personal tastes, if you love the similar style you are seeing on other bloggers, I would definitely go for this pair. I felt like a celeb in them- so much fun!

Style #5: Percey in Crystal

Another current sunglasses trend is clear frames, so when I saw this pair online, I definitely wanted to give them a try. I was a little leery about the blue lenses, but instead of being a reflective lens, the blue was more clear and subtle.

I surprisingly really loved this pair. Although they are a crystal color, I couldn't see how I could pair them with everything, but after seeing them and trying them on, I definitely see why this is such a hot look at the moment. I also loved the shape on my face- I would say they are a cross between the Topper and Griffin styles mentioned previously. Simple, yet very trendy and versatile.

Alright, so now that you've seen them all, which pair is your favorite? Here's a secret: my favorite was the Griffin in Blonde Tortoise. I bet you couldn't guess that.. ;)

Now it's your turn! Go sign up for Warby Parker's Home Try-On program. You get five days with five different pairs of sunglasses. They'll ship to your home in a fun box- try your picks out and then send them back on time and everything's FREE. Once you pick your favorite pair, you can order them for yourself.

This program is so awesome. It's hard to gauge if you'll like anything you order online, and that especially goes for sunglasses. Having the opportunity to try on some frames is obviously a lot of fun, but also extremely helpful if you're looking to invest in that perfect, everyday pair.

As I mentioned earlier, be sure to give some a shot that you're thinking won't work- you may be pleasantly surprised! I know I was.

Here comes the sun,


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