When life gives you lemons.. you graduate!

May 18, 2016

Hi fashionistas! 

After quite the busy last couple months, I'm back!- and ready to keep our fashionable conversation going. 

If you keep up with The Fashionable Fox on Instagram, you have probably noticed I graduated college this past weekend. (If not, click that follow button!)

Although leaving my school, my job and all my incredible friends behind was upsetting, wrapping up four years of tough college work was a proud moment, and one I will obviously never forget. 

The unforgettable moments in life always deserve an even more unforgettable outfit. Although a cap and gown surely do the trick, my graduation dress was something I wanted to reflect my own style and personality. 

For today's post, I'm sharing the look, as well as the deals behind it. 

Dress: New York and Company - Eva Mendes collection - Lemon print felicity dress

I am currently loving the lemon trend in the fashion world. I'm loving any fruit print! This dress caught my eye a long time ago, and when I received a coupon for NY&C, I wanted to go try it on. 

I loved everything about it- the print, the colors, the tea length cut and the fun pockets. This dress was SO me.

Even better, the dress was originally $84.95. But thanks to a sale and my coupon, I paid under $30 at checkout. 

I was a little nervous to choose it as my graduation dress at first because it is very unique and bold, but I ultimately decided the dress fit my style so perfectly, and I wanted to be none other than myself on such a special day. 

Shoes: JCPenney - Liz Claiborne - Sellina wedge sandal in natural 

I knew a busy dress like this needed a shoe that complimented it- I didn't want to steal the show from the real star. I originally saw a pair of navy wedges at JCP that I thought would work perfectly, but after I tried them with the dress, I realized the style was way too modern for a classy dress style. 

After I spotted the Sellina wedge, I had a good feeling. The wicker, canvas and gemstone details create a sandal that has a southern vibe, which is a perfect pairing with the lemon print. I also loved the ankle straps because they are a hot trend in footwear these days, and I wouldn't have to worry about my shoe falling off while walking across the stage for my diploma. (LOL! Talk about awkward.)

These babies were easy to walk in and just so darn adorable. And, you guessed it! After more sales and coupons, I scored them for only $20. You'll definitely catch me in these sandals throughout the summer. 

So, viola!  My graduation outfit turned out to be just as I dreamed: fun, glamorous and budget-friendly. It was important to me to wear something fashionable, yet affordable because I had been writing a fashion column for my university's newspaper the past two years. You can read my final article from my column here.

I also (of course) HAD to decorate my cap. After numerous trips to Hobby Lobby and plenty of burnt fingers from the hot glue gun, it turned out awesome!

I can't emphasize enough how important it is to feel confident and genuinely yourself in what you are wearing. My graduation day was beautiful- the sun was shining and a smile was never escaping my face. I was blessed to have my entire family, boyfriend and best friends there to smile along with me. And my outfit added more happiness to the day because I felt extra glamorous. 

After all, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade!

On to the next adventure,

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