Black Friday Finds

December 3, 2015

Happy December, fashionable friends!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I stuffed my belly to the top and enjoyed every bite, free of shame. It's the holidays, so don't feel guilty about treating yourself! (just don't skip out on your workouts!)

Speaking of treating yourself, did anyone treat themselves to some special deals on Black Friday? 

I know most of our consumer nation gets hyped for Black Friday because of the deals on electronics, movies and the like. Personally, there are never any deals I wish to stand in line for, so I tend to stay away from the chaos that day. 

But, when the early afternoon rolls around, I typically pay a visit to some of my favorite resale stores that are having Black Friday deals as well. 

Every Black Friday, I go to Clothes Mentor, which is a women's resale clothing store in the Chicagoland suburbs. They always have some kind of sweet deal lined up for the big shopping day, and I score big each year. In previous years, I've found a leather Michael Kors wallet for $40 and Nike Free Runs for $20. Now THOSE are my kind of deals!

This year, their sale was 20% off your full purchase if you bought one clearance item. This even included designer items, which is a rare deal for the store. The clearance item was almost your ticket into deeper discounts, so I hunted down something from that section quickly. 

After searching for something with the magical clearance tag, I finally came across this Ann Taylor LOFT blazer. It's a little older and definitely different, but the cropped cut and sparkly buttons sold me. I plan to pair it with a black pencil skirt to create a professional look. And for only $4, if I get tired of it, I can always donate it. 

Now that I had the sacred clearance item that would unlock 20% off everything else I would eventually find, I got straight to work. Here are the other great deals I found:

First, I found this mixed material sweater. The front is black faux leather and the back and sleeves are a charcoal grey knit sweater material. I love how trendy pops of leather in an outfit have become. This sweater is a little bland in the front, but a chunky statement necklace will really pull it all together. The brand is NY Collection and it was priced at $8, making it about $6 for Black Friday.

OF COURSE I found something that was leopard print! I've said it before and I'll say it again: leopard print is a neutral and is my favorite pattern ever! This Ann Taylor LOFT cardigan is so soft and simple. I love the length and how flowy it is. This piece stole my heart for sure, and at $10 with my 20% off, I had to take it home.

You're probably wondering why I was on leather overload for Black Friday, but I have been searching for a pair of leather leggings that actually fit me in a flattering way. I tried this pair on and they are a comfortable fit! I plan to pair them with a red plaid shirt, faux fur vest and some cute black booties. $6 was a steal for these Poof Excellence bottoms. 

Just when I thought I was done finding clothes, I stumbled upon this ADORABLE flannel button up. I am currently obsessed with black and white grid stripes on anything! This shirt is SO comfortable and fits perfectly. It's also a great length in the back, so I can pair it with leggings or jeans. Canyon River Blues makes this stylish top and I got it for *drumroll* $4.80!

I was so excited when I hit the accessories and found this Spartina 449 wallet! I really love Spartina products and the two handbags that I have from them are this exact print! The wallet matches perfectly with both bags. At $13, I couldn't let this one get away, especially since it will come in so much use!

Finally, I may have gotten a little too excited about the awesome deals, because it led me to purchase this beautiful handbag. I saw this Coach purse behind the counter and had to check it out. First, I LOVE the color. It's a beautiful pearl pink shade that reminds me of rose gold. The alligator skin design and sparkle edging screamed elegant to me! I also love the gold hardware. Take a better look:

They had this satchel priced at $75, which made it only $60 for Black Friday. If you know Coach, you know that is a mega steal! I was excited to find this bag and decided to treat myself- because we all need a little accessory love every once in a while...

I found some really great treasures at Clothes Mentor, and thanks to the discount, I came home with lots of new fashionable items for a good price. 

As I mentioned a couple posts ago, I had my eye on a few things for Black Friday from Target. Well, to my dismay, a lot of what I wanted was sold out. It worked out in the end though, because then I could purchase all the items I found at Clothes Mentor. 

I did order a couple things online from Target with their deals. Here's what I got:

Merona Women's Cozy Plaid Blanket Wrap Scarf
You know how I mentioned my current obsession with black and white grid stripes? It's no secret that I would fall in love with this scarf too. I scored it for $7 after the sale and a gift card I had saved. I plan to wear this piece A LOT this winter!

Merona Cold Weather Faux Fur Scarf
Remember when I shared two posts ago that I was waiting on this scarf for Black Friday? Well I finally purchased it for $14 and already adore it. It stole the show with one of my recent outfits. Check it out:

Old Navy Denim Shirt Dress, Old Navy Tights, Target Merona Scarf, Target A+ by Aldo Booties, Target Watch,  Pandora Bracelet, Fossil Earrings
Well, that rounds up my Black Friday finds! What kind of stylish deals did you take home? Leave some comments!


I'm so psyched that the Christmas season has finally arrived! Next post will be all about my winter formal dance outfit and how I put it together for under $30! (you're not going to believe it!) Also, stay tuned for gift guides and holiday outfit ideas. I can't wait!

Baby, it's cold outside..


  1. Anonymous3/12/15

    I seriously need to go resale shopping! I cant believe you got all that stuff. I love that even though Black Friday is such a big deal you still stayed true to your brand and went resale shopping. I love the faux fur scarf and the outfit you paired it with.

    1. Thank you! I always love to hunt down the deals, so Black Friday is even better for us fashionistas when it comes to clothes!


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