First recipe video and some new fun fall kicks

October 1, 2015

Hello, fashionable friends! I hope you're ready for a sweet treat...

Today, I am bringing you my FIRST EVER recipe tutorial video. I am always trying new recipes out on Pinterest, so this time around, I decided to make a video for my fabulous followers, so you can try the recipe out too!

I was invited to a football gathering not too long ago for the first game of the year. (Go Bears!) I started sorting through my saved recipes on Pinterest and came across candied bacon chocolate chip cookies. 

Candied bacon chocolate chip cookies....that's a recipe that sounds equally unappealing as it does interesting. But trust me, if you are turned off, it GETS BETTER! Or, if this sounds delicious to you, I can confirm that they indeed are incredible. 

I found this recipe via the Tablespoon from the Girl Who Ate Everything. Check out the recipe card I created:

And here is your tutorial video, so you can try it for yourself!

These cookies were a HUGE hit, especially for a Sunday football game. And let me tell you, candied bacon is one of the greatest gifts to this earth. The cookies probably would have had even more bacon pieces in them if I wasn't the one cutting up the bacon strips. (AKA I "taste tested" a bunch.)

This recipe is just a lot of fun and a great conversational piece. Everyone was SHOCKED when they found out there was bacon in the cookie dough, but I received great feedback. Try making them for your next tailgate or sporting event/game day, and I guarantee the plate will be empty by the next touchdown.

The full recipe can be found here.

Now that I've provided you a totally delicious new recipe idea, it's time to talk FASHION. And not just any fashion.... FALL FASHION.

Last post, I talked about the fall accessories I can't wait to use. This time around, I wanted to show off four new pairs of shoes I recently bought/thrifted that will be fall showstoppers. Without further ado...

#1 Black Ankle Booties

Boots: Naturalizer N5 Comfort
You can't go wrong with ankle booties this fall/winter. I found this great black pair at Goodwill for $5. They are Naturalizer's, so they are obviously super comfortable. 

Ankle booties pair perfectly with skinny jeans. I usually cuff the bottom of my skinnies so you can show off these shoes even more. I plan to wear these with a vintage plaid blazer I thrifted. 

#2 Leopard Print Slip-Ons

Shoes: Sam Edelman
I found these incredible leopard print slip-ons last weekend at a Salvation Army thrift store for only $8! They are Sam Edelman's, so I scored a major deal on these bad boys. 

These shoes are both stylish and casual. I love that I can slip them on and instantly make my outfit more fashionable. Leopard print is my all time favorite pattern, so I will be wearing these quite often while I'm crunching around in the fall leaves. 

#3 Glitter Ankle Booties

Boots: BC Shoes
I also found these ankle boots last weekend at Goodwill. They are BC Shoes brand and only cost $6! I spotted them on a rack near the halloween costumes and fell in love.

I actually wore these for the first time yesterday. I paired them with boyfriend jeans, a graphic top that says "Nothing to Wear", and some fun accessories, including a matching watch, Spartina 449 bracelet and some front to back spike earrings. I totally loved this look. Check it out:

Top: Old Navy, Jeans: Old Navy, Boots: BC Shoes, Clutch: J. Crew, Watch: Target, Bracelet: Spartina 449, Earrings: Carson's stores

#4: Brown Duck Boots

Boots: Esprit 
Duck boots, bean boots, call them whatever you want, but these particular boots are a top trend for the fall and winter. L.L. Bean started this trend with their very popular bean boot, and Sperry Top Sider took over last year with their own version.

I was planning to ask for a pair of the Sperry's for Christmas (because they are $120, which is A LOT!), but then I spotted these on the TJ Maxx Instagram page. I stopped by the store hoping they sold them in my size, and lucky for me, they did! These are Esprits, but they only cost $30 and are equally as cute as Sperry's. Keep your eye out for more of these boots that look similar for less.

To wrap up this post, since September has come to a close, I want to wish my blog a very happy 2nd birthday! I can't believe it has been two years since I started up The Fashionable Fox. It started out as just something to do, and now it is one of the best parts of my life. Thank you so much to my readers, supporters and fellow fashionistas for keeping up with me! The blog has taken me on so many adventures and I am very thankful for my loyal readers who have supported me the whole way. Here's to many more years of fashionable advice!

Lastly, keep an eye on my Instagram page this month! (Are you following me yet? If not, go do it now!) I am hosting a "31 Days of Deals" promotion for the month of October, where I will be showcasing a different deal I have found recently each day. You won't want to miss it!

I hope you enjoyed my first recipe tutorial and my new shoes! Go out and find some great fall shoes for yourself now!

Happy hunting,


  1. Anonymous1/10/15

    Everything about this bog is adorable! From the layout to the content, I enjoyed reading and looking at everything. There is a lot of information on this post but it was very easy to read and almost seemed conversational. I loved all the pictures you took but my favorite part is that you tell where you bought each item. I think I need to consider going thrifting for myself. I look forward to reading your next post.

    1. Thanks, Angela! My goal is to get people to thirft or shop secondhand, so I hope you give it a shot soon!


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