Tips for Spring Transitioning

March 21, 2019

Yesterday was the spring equinox, so it's TECHNICALLY spring, even if it doesn't quite feel like it yet.

We're still battling 40 degree temps and rain in the Midwest, but you know what they say- can't get the flowers without the showers!

This is a difficult transitional period for my fellow fashionistas. We're tired of our winter clothing; plus it's not exactly cold enough to be wearing chunky sweaters. But it's not warm enough to declare spring in your wardrobe, either. So how can we "think spring" when spring pieces are a tad out of our reach?

The seasonal transitions in fashion KILL. ME. It makes me crabby and aggravated because I feel out of options. Luckily, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that can help.

Before you bust out the chambray shorts and strappy sandals, let's have a reality check: The weather isn't calling for that yet. So it's time to figure out how to work with what we got.

Here are my five tips to get you through spring transitioning:

I LOVE denim, but I especially love it come spring because you can have more FUN. Raw hems, fringe, embroidery; the list goes on with all the cool ways to revamp your denim game. My jeans from this post are a high-wasted flare cut with fringe hem from the Gap- the perfect denim statement piece for the season. Trade in those basic skinnies for a pair of jeans that will steal the show!

Although you probably won't be reaching for that heavy-knit, oversized sweater that is oh so comfy, you CAN still rock a sweater while you're waiting for warmer weather. A lightweight crewneck or balloon sleeve sweater will be your go-tos. You can even throw a collared blouse underneath. Picking them out in brighter colors will really match the spring vibe, like the orange one from LOFT I'm wearing. Longer sleeves to beat the chill, but colors that remind you of sunny days.

Saying yes to accessories is always the answer. If you're bored with the same old stuff in your winter wardrobe, change it up with your accessory options. That blouse you're tired of wearing could get a whole new look just by adding a unique pair of earrings. For this look, I added on an Ann Taylor skinny leopard belt and resin butterscotch hoop earrings from LOFT Outlet. Playing into those little details goes a long way.

My FAVORITE part about spring is finally being able to wear sandals again. I LOVE my sandals; if I could wear them all year, I totally would. Because the weather isn't exactly open-toe acceptable yet, why not bust out the mules, slides and loafers? They pair perfect with cropped denim or ankle dress pants. I'm wearing Universal Thread mules from Target that are a bone color and have a short, block heel. I also live in my black backless loafers this time of year.

Spring allows you to get playful again with colors and patterns. Gone are the days of basic neutral colors and lots of black. Say hellooo to stripes and florals, pinks and yellows. I love to pair a blush pink tee with a soft cotton, black and white striped skirt and denim jacket. If you really want to make a statement, mix polka dots with stripes, or have a little fun with color blocking and pair pastel blue on emerald green. Don't be afraid to mix it up!


As frustrating as this time frame can be, the stretch between freezing snow and 60 degree sunshine, there are actually more outfit options than you think. We get so eager to throw on our official spring gear and leave the bulky, winter clothing in the dust that we have a hard time seeing how we can channel spring with our winter wardrobe.

I hope these tips give you a few new ideas for outfit inspiration to get you through the last of the dreary weather.

Think spring,

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