My Tips for Styling Statement Earrings

March 29, 2019

If you were stranded on a desert island, what is the one thing you would want with you?

Lately, it seems like I would want my earring collection with me. But let's be honest, they wouldn't save me from anything. ....but they're just so dang CUTE.

Statement earrings are my accessory of choice these days. I've been intentionally planning my outfits to style with a bold pair of earrings. Whether they're resin hoops, marbleized discs or tortoiseshell pull-throughs, I find a way to wear them.

Accessories can be a little intimidating, especially when it's a piece you don't typically wear. Personally, I've always been a simple, stud earring type of gal. But when I had to stop wearing heavy statement necklaces, I felt like I ran out of options to add a little flare to my look. Then I started to see all the fun, statement earrings that were, bonus, LIGHTWEIGHT, and I gave them a shot! I've noticed that the more I wear them, the more natural it feels to be wearing something other than plain olde studs.

I've also discovered some of the best ways to style them. You can't exactly slap on a pair of statement earrings with just anything. Instead, I like to make them the star of the outfit. Today on the blog, I'm giving you FIVE tips on how to style statement earrings! If you've been wanting to try out a pair but feel a little nervous to change it up, these ideas will help!

First things first, you have to find some pairs that you love and can see yourself wearing multiple ways. My personal recommendation is to make sure the earrings are lightweight. That way, you can make it through the day without them hurting your ears. Some of my favorite places to shop for budget-friendly statement earrings include LOFT Outlet, Forever 21 and Target. Picking out your favorite styles is the fun part! Are you a hoop girl or do you like something bright and chunky? Maybe you want something smaller or more neutral. Get a feel for the kinds of earrings you like at more affordable stores so you're not splurging on something you could end up disliking. Once you pick out a pair or two that you like, it's time to start wearing them!

I've learned that if you want your earrings to really stand out, the way you wear your hair can play a huge role. If I'm wearing a larger or more colorful statement earring, I like to clip half of my hair back so my ears are more visible. Or a sleek, low pony really allows the earrings to pop! Hoops always look sexy with curly or wavy hair, but resin or acrylic earrings can get hidden with this hairstyle. If you want your earrings to be seen, it's all about the hair. The way you style it has the power to complement the earrings you pick!

Although it's easier to pair tortoise shell or marbleized colors with an outfit, I also encourage you to step outside the box and pick out some statement earrings in fun colors that you wouldn't normally wear! My latest earring purchase was a pair of butterscotch-colored resin hoops. This is a pretty off-the-wall color for me, but I gave them a chance and surprisingly, I've worn them a LOT. The brighter colored earrings don't necessarily have to match colors in your outfit, but instead can add a little somethin' somethin'- that SPICE your look may have been lacking!

I've noticed recently when planning my outfits, if I'm in the mood to wear a fun pair of earrings, I plan the outfit AROUND the earrings. Because of this, I've been going with a simpler look. I want the statement earrings to be the main focus of my ensemble, so I've been opting for neutral colors and comfy basics. The earrings take the outfit from simple to chic! This is not to say that you can't wear bold earrings with busy patterns and bright colors. It's just easier to pair them with a basic outfit and make them the main focal point.

The final tip that I have found to be successful when styling statement earrings is to make them your accessory of choice, but let them stand alone. I think a key reason why we sometimes don't like ourselves wearing these earrings is because everything else feels too busy. It's like there is no room for the earrings to fit in. Just like I mentioned keeping my outfit simple, I go easy on the accessories as well. I don't like to pair statement earrings with a necklace; I want the earrings to be the only accessory you see on my upper half. I wear a few bracelets and maybe a ring, but my goal is to always make the earrings the STAR of the whole look.

A bold accessory choice can be SUPER scary at first, but that's no reason to hide from it! There are so many fun earring trends at the moment, and you will be seeing them all spring and summer. Trust me when I tell you you'll want to get in on this! And if you are feeling a little lost about wearing them, these tips should help.

Earring game strong,

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