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February 11, 2019

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It's officially the week of Valentine's Day. I have realized that there are two types of people when it comes to this holiday: people who love it and people who hate it. 

I always liked V-Day growing up because it was fun to write your name on paper cards to your classmates and I always came home to some fuzzy animal plush from my mom. It's not until you get older that things start to get more serious. And to be honest, I hate that. 

I'm spending this Valentine's Day single and what I've learned from that so far is I feel a lot lighter. There's no expectations, which means no disappointments. When you get older and are in a relationship, you're expecting flowers and candy and some extravagant date night that your significant other has planned. Something that was once silly and fun and LIGHT as a kid turns into a huge array of responsibilities. 

I'm not writing this to sound like a whiney baby, or to make you feel bad for me. In fact, I want the exact opposite. What I'm trying to say is that from my own personal experience, when I'm dating someone, Valentine's Day is stressful and never turns out the way I hoped for. But when I'm not dating someone, I can get back to that light, relaxed feeling of wearing a red and pink outfit and eating a heart-shaped pizza in my pajamas. 

This doesn't mean you should breakup with your S/O tomorrow just so you can be single and free to do your own thing for Valentine's Day. What I am getting at is we should all find a way to get back to that fun, playful version of the holiday when all we worried about was collecting cards and candy at school. 

You could be recently single, or this could be your first year without someone. Or this could be your first year WITH someone. Or you could be together for many, many years. Just find a way to make it fun. Remove whatever it is that takes away from the joy you're supposed to be feeling. 

Maybe it's going to get a manicure instead of wallowing in your bed. Or maybe it's making a nice meal at home instead of going to a fancy restaurant and fighting the crowds. Truth be told, V-Day is not magical like they make it out to be. You have to make your own magic. And that goes for both us single ladies and the cutesy couples out there.

If you just flat out hate the day, that's okay. Just let it pass. But if you loved Valentine's Day once, don't start hating it just because you've been disappointed before. 

Remember how the only person responsible for your happiness is YOU?

Go with the flow and make your heart happy. Oh, and don't forget the donuts. NEVER forget the donuts.


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