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July 20, 2017

| Romper: Target | Sandals: Target |
It's that time of year; the N Sale at Nordstrom hype is REAL!

If you're not familiar with the N Sale, Nordstrom has an anniversary sale each year with discounts on a lot of popular products. If you're following any type of fashion blogger, you've probably seen a post or two about items being purchased or fitting room diaries.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE seeing all of this stuff! I get so inspired by pieces and outfits I'm seeing on my feed. But because of my budget-friendly blogger status, I will be sitting the N Sale out this year and will instead share with you some of my latest thrift and resale finds!

I've gathered up five of my recent faves for today's post. Here we go!


This bag immediately caught my eye because of the cute shape and SUPER SOFT leather. It's truly as smooth as butter. I love this light tan color because I think it pairs well with any look. The style also gives me major vintage vibes. Did I mention it has an easy magnetic closure? SO perfect for running errands or for a night out with your gal pals.

PAID: $16


Aerosoles make some of my favorite shoes.They're always comfortable, but super stylish, because it should never be one or the other. I have a couple more pairs of Aerosoles wedges, but this pair is so cute because it's the lovechild of a wedge style and a mule style. The nude leather design on top makes you believe it's a mule and the bottom will be a block heel, but it's surprisingly a comfortable wedge! I think these sandals look so chic and can be styled many different ways. I'd pair them with white jeans and a denim jacket, or with a simple sundress.

PAID: $9


Scallops make me all giddy, so when I saw this J. Crew top on the resale rack, I jumped for joy! The blush pink color is (obviously) one of my fave shades and the scalloped edging on the bottom is sweet as punch! The material of this top is a little heavier, making it a versatile closet staple. Pair with jeans OR a skirt and you'll be KILLIN' the scallop game.

PAID: $12


I live for a good denim jacket; if you don't believe me, check my closet. There's six in there. I don't joke about denim jackets. This one was hanging at the end of a rack just calling my name. It was brand new from LOFT at a resale store for only $20! You can't beat that price for a good quality denim jacket. Plus it's a soft denim with stretch and the perfect style cut.

PAID: $20


If you're not familiar with Patricia Nash handbags, you may have seen them and not realized it at T.J. Maxx. They're soft leather bags with unique details and hardware; definitely a boho/western style. If you have seen them around, you probably already know they are quite pricey! I found one I liked at a resale store in Lake Geneva for $50 and I thought that was a steal! Until I found this PN black purse at a resale store the other day priced for $18! I know it's not really in season right now, but I couldn't leave without it! This will be the ULTIMATE fall statement bag!

PAID: $18


Whether you're shopping the N Sale, hitting up the resale stores or just browsing the mall, it's always a HUGE WIN when you score an awesome deal! Us bargain hunters are WARRIORS!

To the battlefield,

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