Summer comfort style to beat the heat

June 15, 2017

It's starting to heat up here in Chicagoland, fashionistas!

Last weekend, we were up in the 90s- yowza! Summer weather has officially arrived!

I spent the weekend hunting at some really fun flea markets and garage sales, but it was HOT! And I have the sunburn to show for it.

I was inspired this weekend to write this week's post about being comfortable in summer fashions. It's way too easy to settle for the denim short shorts that ride up or are too tight because it feels like that's all we know. And when we want to be comfortable, we just opt for an easy pair of running shorts.

You shouldn't have to choose between comfort and fashion in any situation, but especially not in the summer. The great news is you don't have to! Sure, denim shorts and chinos will always be a thing, and if you find some that work for your body shape and are still comfortable, go all in! But on the days where you want to be a little more stylish than Soffe shorts and a t-shirt (guilty), but NOT sacrifice your comfort level, I've got some inspo for you!

Since my job has a business-casual dress code, I have to sacrifice a lot of clothing I love during the workweek, like shorts and graphic tees. But when the weekend rolls around, I want to enjoy those pieces while remaining casual after dressing up all week. Here's a look I would wear to a flea market, to the store, or just for a simple night out for ice cream (or margaritas!) :

This outfit is so easy to wear. First, let's talk about these SHORTS! They are Knox Rose from Target and they are also a gold medalist for most comfortable shorts ever. SERIOUSLY! The material is soft and breathable, plus the waistline is higher so you never feel like you're losing them. The tie belt is a perfect touch and the pattern? Don't even get me started on how much I love it. I 10/10 recommend these, plus they're under $25!

As I know I've mentioned before, I'm such a sucker for a graphic tee. This tank is a really pretty shade of red, and if you're a margarit-a-holic like I am, I'm sure you appreciate the saying. I found this at Target as well, for less than $15! It's comfortable, it's casual and it pairs perfectly tucked into these shorts.

For shoes, I went with an easy slide sandal. These are gold Jack Rogers Hampton sandals. The retail of these pretties is over $100, but I recently scored them at a resale store for only $30! They're a simple sandal that adds a whole new look to this casual outfit.

If you're just running a quick errand or browsing your local downtown district, you'll obviously need a bag! Instead of a heavy purse or your typical crossbody, I chose this small straw pom pom tote by Cat and Jack for Target. Cat and Jack is a kids brand, but their bags are on TREND and totally cheaper than adult Target bags- LOL! This one is only $9.99 and is spacious enough for your wallet, phone, keys and some sunnies. It's so fun!


All of these items are shopable RIGHT NOW! You don't want to miss out. You can shop them below, along with some other soft shorts and graphic tank options I'm loving at the moment:

Hey YOU! Yes, you. Stop settling for those daisy dukes cutting of your circulation. It's time to be honest with yourself- being uncomfortable SUCKS! So why put yourself through it when there's so many comfy options on the racks right now that won't break your budget?

Shop now. Thank me later.

Bear hugs,

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