The 24 Before the 25

May 20, 2019

Another year has come and gone... I'm officially 25!

To celebrate, I'm pressing pause on the usual blog content to do my annual reflection.

Here's 24 things from the year before I celebrate 25:

1 | I wasted no time and kicked off my 24th year with a trip to Nashville. My bestie Kristen brought me on the coolest adventure- she even guest blogged about it. Grateful to have opportunities to visit new places!

2 | Meeting Lea Michele. Having front row seats to watch her sing live. Sharing it all with my mama. Still not over it. A true highlight.

3 | Becoming a godmother to my beautiful niece. Seeing her learn to crawl and walk. Watching her grow is incredible.

4 | Another adventure with friends to New Buffalo, Michigan. Got the worst sunburn and ate the best cheeseburger. A very successful getaway.

5 | Braving it out and going to a concert alone. When Rascal Flatts is in town, you go see them, even if no one else is free.

6 | Attending the Create & Cultivate Chicago conference. Hearing advice from inspirational speakers in the industry. Getting compliments on my outfit choice from other bloggers.

7 | Discovering the cutest diner in Braidwood, Illinois called the Polk-a-Dot Drive In. Slowing down long enough to enjoy fries, a milkshake and time with family.

8 | Getting promoted at work to senior after only two years of employment. Being recognized for my work ethic.

9 | Celebrating my niece turning one. Spoiling her with presents. Watching her taste cake for the first time. Capturing it all with my camera.

10 | Consuming my favorite food- donuts. No explanation needed.

11 | Putting together a Halloween costume that I was proud of for once. Digging out clothes in my closet to create the perfect psychic look.

12 | Celebrating Christmas at home. No stressing about going other places. Baking lots of delicious cookies. Finding happiness with family.

13 | Doing nothing for New Year's eve and loving it. Eating a good meal. Staying awake for midnight. Falling asleep on the couch. Realizing how much I prefer a night in over a night out. 

14 | Participating in a 30-day ab challenge in January. Feeling so accomplished for committing to a fitness goal for once.

15 | Making a pact to make the best of winter, even though it's my least favorite season. Finding the joys of the season through cozy sweaters and lots of hot cocoa. Enjoying winter for what it is up until March, and then I was over it.

16 | Recognizing my addiction to Cracker Barrel. Making it my designated lunch spot when I'm having a rough work day. Unwinding with a book and a good meal.

17 | Planning a Galentine's Day weekend with my best gal- my mama. Focusing on the importance of friendship instead of dwelling on being single.

18 | Getting asked to be a bridesmaid for my dear friend Jade. Helping to plan the most fun bachelorette weekend. Being a part of the beautiful wedding day. Everything was perfect.

19 | Seeing Arizona for the first time. Learning that the cacti really do exist. Soaking in the sunshine and amazing mountain views.

20 | Finally trying In-N-Out Burger for the first time. Getting the classic burger/fries/milkshake combo. Realizing what all the hype is about.

21 | Giving up Target for Lent and actually sticking to it. Feeling a whole new mindset at the end about not having to shop there as often.

22 | Sticking to my reading goal for the year. Being three books ahead of schedule. Getting lost in the books I'm loving.

23 | Starting the beginning phases of house hunting. Learning my likes and dislikes. Losing a place I liked to somebody else. Facing my fears and uncertainties. 

24 | Traveling back to Disneyland solo. Spending a full week at the parks. Trying more rides and even more food. Being brave enough to go on a roller coaster. Making sure I got a root beer float in Woody's boot. Living my very best life.


All I can say is I'm so excited for 25. I can feel it in my bones that it is going to be a great year. And I hope my lovely readers will tag along on the adventure.

With love,

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