Casual Valentine's Outfit Inspiration

February 8, 2018

We are officially less than a week away from Valentine's Day, fashionistas. Are you ready for it?

To be incredibly honest with you, V-Day has always felt like a big ole' curse in my life. If I'm not working the whole day, I'm usually getting my hopes up for something that doesn't turn out the way I pictured it.

My first Valentine's Day with Adam was nice because we had a super cliche date night, but it unfortunately ended with one of his college roommates throwing up all over his living room floor. Gross. The following year we got SNOWED IN and barely made it out for dinner. Last year we didn't even see each other. Whamp.

What I've learned, besides that I have to laugh it off, is not to set expectations for the day. I set expectations for everything without even knowing I do it, so this is a tough task for me. But the best way I've found to not mentally set expectations for plans is by KEEPING IT CASUAL.

You and your S/O can keep it casual by planning a night in with pizza and popcorn, going to the movies, hitting up the bowling alley or arcade, etc. etc. And if your plans are casual, that means your outfit can be casual, which eliminates another scary Valentine's task: finding the perfect outfit. You can doll yourself up (if you want), but more importantly, you can put on some of your feel-good pieces without all the pressure.

Here's a look I put together that is simple enough for a casual date night and also features a few fun feminine pieces that are boosting my confidence at the moment:

First things first, this is a look that I wanted to be casual but still look polished. I personally feel that nothing says "polished" more than a cut blazer and pumps paired with jeans. It's a way to say "I'm keeping it casual" but also "I care about how I look today."

My jeans are Belle + Sky from JCPenney. They are a high waisted ankle "mom jean" and are honestly one of the comfiest pairs I own. They are also the perfect length to show off some heels. I tucked in a basic mauve high neck tank from Old Navy to bring the Valentine's colors into play. Finally, I added on this Apt. 9 black blazer. It has a hi-low cut that pairs perfectly with jeans.

The outfit itself is simple, but I spiced it up with some statement accessories. These SUGARFIX by BaubleBar earrings are a popular jewelry trend; I liked the striped design because they look more whimsical. My clutch is an oldie but goodie from T.J. Maxx with a silly saying that is sure to make your date laugh. Last but certainly not least, my shoes make the real statement here. I just featured these Gemma pointed toe pumps from the A New Day line at Target in my latest Thrifted Finds post. The embroidered design is SO classic and fun, plus the colors are perfect for the occasion. These shoes are really comfortable too. (And P.S., they're on clearance!)

If putting together a V-Day look is stressing you out, this stress has the potential to ruin your special day, especially if you have HIGH expectations. No one deserves to be disappointed on Valentine's Day, but if you opt for plans that are more low key and avoid the PRESSURE of a perfect day, chances are you'll be happier, comfortable and more relaxed. Your favorite casual outfit can take you there.

You can shop this look below:

I'm in the mood for love,

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