My Favorite Apps For Resale Shopping

January 11, 2018

Where are my online shoppers at?! (I SEE YOU)

There's nothing like getting a little treat in the mail that you sent yourself. But how exactly does a resale shopper like me have any fun with online shopping? Easy. Just check out the app store.

Although there is nothing quite like the thrill of hunting down items in a thrift store, there are multiple resale fashion apps available to give you the same excitement virtually. Today on the blog, I'm sharing a few of my favorite apps with you and a few tips on how to use them most successfully.


Out of my three picks, Poshmark is my favorite because I find it to be the most popular for resale fashion. By most popular I mean that there is a lot of users, so there is, in turn, a lot more items for sale. Poshmark has an easy-to-use setup for both buying and selling. When you join the app, you create a member profile called your "closet." If you choose to sell on the app, your closet is where all your items for sale will be featured. You can also set up your sizes within your profile so when you search, it will show items in your size range.

It is SUPER easy to search for anything on Poshmark. You can type in an exact search, search by brand and search by member closets. You can favorite items you find to save in your "likes"  list to keep an eye on and possibly purchase later. But I've learned (the hard way) that if you see something you really like, you should purchase it ASAP, because it may sell if you wait! When purchasing an item, you can make an offer to the seller to see if they will accept, or you can just buy it. You can save your credit card information or PayPal login to your profile to purchase items quickly.

As far as selling goes, Poshmark is the only app I have sold on and it is very easy to do. You simply upload photos of the item, fill in the details about the item and set a price. Poshmark does take a percentage of each sale, so be aware of the terms and conditions. When pricing an item, the app will tell you how much you'll make after the Poshmark fee, which is very helpful so you can price accordingly.

Poshmark is my top pick for resale fashion apps because I feel that the item variety is the best. Between designer bags, jewelry, and clothes you can't find in stores anymore, I have found some of my favorite items on this app. I also love that sellers are usually willing to make deals. I recently bought a Kate Spade suede handbag for $90 and an Alex and Ani bracelet for $15. That's more than half off retail prices! It allows you to search for specific items at a low cost, which isn't something you can necessarily do at the thrift store. You can shop my Poshmark closet here.

Another app I use for resale fashion from time to time is Vinted. Vinted was the original app I started using before Poshmark. It is a very similar concept with both buying and selling functionalities. You can search for items and mark them as favorites, or make an offer/purchase them on the spot. Although it is very similar, I've found that the variety of items is less than Poshmark. You never know what you'll find, so it doesn't hurt to search on both apps, but I've found that my chances finding an item on Vinted is a little less.

This runner up seems so basic and obvious, but I do have luck searching for items on good ole' eBay. If I can't find something I'm looking for on Poshmark or Vinted, I'll usually do a quick eBay search to see if I can find it there. I've also found discounted Vera Bradley and Alex and Ani on eBay. I don't use it as often as the others, but my experience with eBay has always been positive when hunting down a great fashion deal.

A few tips:

Everyone sees items in different ways, which means the title of the listing may be different than how you are searching the item. The "pink velvet pointed toe flats" you searched for may just be listed as "pink flats." If you can't find the item at first, try searching with different key words before calling it quits.

Before you click "buy", make sure to check up on the seller first. Each of these apps gives sellers a rating based off of feedback from previous sales. If they are anything below 100 percent, make sure you find out why before purchasing to avoid any scams.

If any item arrives and is not exactly as described, do NOT settle. These apps have protection policies for a reason. I bought a shirt once that was described as "great condition" but I found a hole on the neckline when it arrived. Since this hole was not listed in the description, I marked the order "not as described" and got a refund after sending pictures of the damage.


If your items arrived exactly as described, the seller was easy to work with and you had no issues, make sure you leave positive feedback. It helps the seller continue their business, PLUS it helps other buyers know they are purchasing from a trustworthy source. I'll typically leave comments like "fast shipping" or "awesome item- thanks for making a deal!" Any positive feedback helps!


The phrase I hear the most from people regarding thrifting is "how did you find that?! I never find anything when I go!" I know that shopping resale isn't for everyone because it takes a lot of work, time and patience. But what I love about these apps is that you can still shop in a resale environment while searching for specific things you are looking for; or just browse for fun!

What shopping apps are you using?


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