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September 7, 2017

Hi friends! I'm taking a quick break from my usual fashion-related content to give you a little life update! August was NUTS, so I'm hoping September slows down a bit and I can begin focusing on some really fun fall content I have in the works!

I've been a little MIA lately from social media, but I've had so much going on and wanted to make my weekly blog content a higher priority! Here's what I've been up to:

I'm honestly being way over dramatic with that title, but August really started out with a serious bang! I had Adam's friend's wedding AND my friend's birthday in the SAME DAY. In the late morning/afternoon, I was having lunch on a rooftop to celebrate a birthday, and then I had to quick change at my aunt's house (thank goodness she lived nearby!) before the wedding. I literally felt like the ball in a pinball machine all day long, but everything I did that day was SO nice! It was a beautiful day for a birthday AND a wedding!

I traveled a bit during the month of August, first to Shipshewana, Ind. for our annual mother/daughter trip and then to Lake Geneva in Wisconsin for a short getaway with Adam. My mom and I had a BLAST on our trip! We were really excited to go back this year because our trip last year was pre-surgery for my mom, so she was in a lot of pain and not feeling like her usual self. This year, we were both healthy and bouncing all over the place while we ate and shopped and ATE SOME MORE!

My trip to Lake Geneva was short, but sweet. It rained a bit and was a little on the chilly side, so we didn't get to hit the beach. But we did get to cozy up with a pizza, movies and board games, and you can't really ask for anything better than that!

Before I left for Wisconsin, we had a baby shower for my brother and sister-in-law to spoil my future niece, and let me tell you, she was SPOILED! The shower was outside and it was the perfect day for it; it was flamingo themed and everything turned out adorable! I was responsible for the photo booth idea, so my dad helped me make a photo wall frame out of PVC pipe. (Here's where I found the idea on Pinterest.) I used a flamingo sheet for the backdrop and found these big foam flowers at Hobby Lobby and the "Oh Baby" banner at the Target dolla spot. HOLLA! For props, I found flamingo themed stick props from, pink feather boas and necklaces from Hobby Lobby and the rose gold baby balloon from Target. The standing tray I set this all up on was a $6.99 Goodwill find and has been a total LIFESAVER! I recommend it as a decor staple for everybody.

If you need to create a photo booth wall for an upcoming event, I hope this helps!

I've been squeezing in lots of time with my family and friends because it just makes everything feel so much BETTER! Whether it's running errands on the weekend with my mom or getting margaritas with my girls; I've really been focusing on surrounding myself with the best kind of energy!

My aunt lives in the Houston area and she came to visit us for my sister-in-law's baby shower. Her flight was supposed to leave on a Tuesday, but due to the hurricane, the closed airports and delayed flights didn't allow her to return home until Saturday. Although we were happy to spend time with her, the circumstances were just plain sad. Her home didn't suffer any damage, but many homes and businesses close to her did.

It's most definitely times like these that make you feel grateful for what you have, and it's also a time for people to come together to help and support those who have lost so much. Although this natural disaster was out of our control, we CAN control what we do next. Here are a few places accepting donations for the relief of hurricane Harvey. But please remember, no donation is ever too small:

I will be traveling to Texas this weekend to visit my aunt and see a concert with her. I'm looking forward to getting away for a new adventure!

I've (of course) been keeping up with the latest fall styles hitting the racks in stores! Next to some AWESOME resale finds I've scored in the sweater and accessory departments recently, here are a few things I'm eyeing for fall that you can purchase now:

I'll be back soon with more fashion fun! For now, keep up with me on Instagram at @thefashionablefox_ 

Oodles of love,

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  1. You've been so busy!! I know the feeling!

    With Love & Style,
    ♥ Amber (Chicago blogger too, and following you on IG)


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