Packing for a getaway

August 25, 2017

Summer is winding down, fashionistas, but that doesn't mean you can't squeeze a small trip in before Labor Day!

I will be traveling quite a bit within the next few weeks; in fact, I leave for Wisconsin this Saturday for a couple relaxing days away with Adam. It is much NEEDED.

The irony of today's post is SPOT ON because I'm actually the world's WORST packer. The reason for this is because I am a horrible decision maker, so picking out multiple outfits on the fly and only packing what I really NEED is beyond difficult. Who's riding the struggle bus with me?!

Nevertheless, I do have specific rules I try to stick with that help my case immensely. Granted, even I fail at MY OWN rules from time to time, so this post is my best packing advice for both YOU and ME! Let's do this together!

I make a LOT of lists, but the one list I consistently make is a packing list. It helps me to prevent forgetting any of the important stuff. I don't go into full detail on my list; it serves more as a reminder. So instead of the specifics, I just list things like "clothes," "shoes" and "underwear." Then, when it's time to REALLY pack, I'm reminded what things I need to start picking out. Check, check and CHECK!

Although you can't predict the weather (who really can?), I ALWAYS check it right before a trip, obviously in the area I will be traveling. This weekend in Wisconsin is looking like low 70s and the possibility of rain, so I will be packing a light jacket and comfortable outfits for sure. You wouldn't want to go somewhere and end up with the wrong attire for the weather, would you?

I stick to this advice every day actually, which I may have mentioned in previous blog posts. Before I pick out my outfit for the next day, what do I do first? Check the weather. After all, it's Mother Nature's world and we're just living in it.

Even for the most relaxing vacations, there is usually some form of a plan. Plan your packing around whatever vacay plan you have! I know I'll mostly be hitting the water this weekend, so I'm packing a few swimsuits, and not as many daytime outfits. Another thing to consider is if you will need any formal attire for the trip. Will you be going out at night? Pack a breezy dress that will compliment your agenda. If you plan to enjoy full days of sightseeing, make sure your clothing and shoe choices are both comfortable!

Speaking of shoes, planning my outfits around them while traveling is a tried and true trick I stand by. In most cases while vacationing, you're limited for space in your suitcase, and I've found that shoes can take up the most room. Before picking out my clothing, I pick out two simple pairs of shoes first, and then I base my outfit choices around them. Unless you're traveling old school with trunks galore, there's no way six pairs of shoes for your six outfit choices will fit in your carry-on bag; sorry to be the person to break THAT news to you. (Trust me, I'm teary about it too.)

I saved this one for last because I am the QUEEN of over packing. Seriously, the amount of clean clothes I come home with from a trip is SAD. Although I am far from perfect for this step, here's what I DO know from experience:

One: It never hurts to have a jacket. Even in summer, nights cool down, restaurants get cold, etc. It takes up space but you'll NEED it.

Two: Give yourself options. I'm not saying bring your entire closet, but if you need two outfits and can fit three, bring the third. You may wake up that morning and be in the mood for something different, so it never hurts.

Three: Don't skimp on what you DO need. For example, I always pack a mini first aid kit in my bag for emergencies. I hadn't used it for a long time, but instead of leaving it behind to make room, I kept it with me and ended up needing it last summer in Wisconsin when Adam got an unexpected bee sting.. OUCH! To summarize, don't sacrifice something you may end up needing for an extra something you definitely DON'T need.


Who doesn't love to travel?! Actually, my mom hates to travel, that's who. Sorry mom. 

Traveling can be exciting and scary and nerve-racking and LOTS of emotions. But the one thing that can make it all seem less difficult and more enjoyable is being prepared! (Says the woman procrastinating her packing RIGHT NOW.)

In all seriousness, I don't think I've met anyone who actually enjoys packing; it's not exactly FUN. But the one thing that always gets me through it is knowing there IS something fun on the other side... AN ADVENTURE!

Bon voyage,

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