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May 12, 2017

"Some people dream of having a big swimming pool. With me, it's closets." -Audrey Hepburn

I have this quote hanging on the wall inside by 5x3 closet. Not kidding.

Probably my biggest fantasy is thinking about my future closet. Not because I have a lot of clothes, but because my closet now is too small.

And the guest room closet.

And the storage bins.

Okay, maybe I do have a lot of clothes. Maybe?

I just can't wait for the day when I can take my home office space and turn it into my blogger island. That's right- I'm talking a closet office; all my clothes and accessories around me as I work on the latest at my desk. Actual heaven.

Although I'm not planning on moving out of my parents' house tomorrow, I'm always looking through and pinning closet inspiration online to get an idea for all the elements I'll want some day.

I teamed up with my friends at Arhaus for today's post to share some style boards featuring my closet dreams. Check it out!

Photos courtesy of Pinterest users
My ultimate goal is to have a room that doubles as both my closet and blogging office space. There are many ideas for this on Pinterest, and these are a few that I absolutely adore. I need a lot of space for hanging clothes, plus multiple nooks and crannies to store shoes, handbags and other accessories. 

I would love to still have open space for a rug and a small sofa to make the room cozy and more home-y when filming vlogs. And of course, I would also want my office space.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest users
A clean and simple white desk with a unique chair is a combo that I am a huge fan of. The ideas above from Pinterest are a few of my favorites because of the simple colors and classy decor. I would make my desk represent my own personal style with my favorite colors and products. Here is a few desk items I am inspired by:
This desk is perfectly simple, but I love the unique gold hardware of the chair. Pink is also my FAVE color, obviously! I was inspired by rose gold accents and pink desk accessories. Plus, this ottoman is charming!

Here are some really fun sofas and chairs that I think would look adorable in a closet office space:
Some of these are neutral and simple, and some are very unique! I love the grey sofa and pink chair for their neutral colors, but also because their shapes are different from the norm. I'm a BIG lover of anything by Oh Joy!, so I'm writing love notes to this polka dot sofa from Target. The navy gingham chair from Arhaus is a classic statement piece that would really stand out in a closet.

For the closet space, I'm also inspired by neutral colors and organization. Here are a few ideas I love:
I love seeing multiple shelving units with cubbies and drawers. These make perfect homes for beloved accessories! I would also want to include a standing clothes rack to hang up new and recent purchases so I remember to build new outfits. A pretty floral rug would really make the room pop, and some wall art and matching decor would tie it all together. And, HELLO! You can't have a fabulous room closet without a fabulous chandelier! (In. My. Dreams.)


Maybe you have big closet dreams like me, or maybe you have other home ideas in mind! There's just so much inspiration out there and it's never too early to make some plans; even if those plans are in the pipe dream pile at the moment!

You can follow me on Pinterest and check out my Dream House and Home Ideas boards for more inspiration. You can also find these sets on my Polyvore page.

Special thanks to Arhaus for inspiring this post! Their living room collection is perfect for your future decor plans!

What #closetgoals do you have?

Talk soon,

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