What I've learned (about fashion) in 2015...

December 31, 2015

Hello, fashionistas!

Today is the final day of 2015, and although I have provided you with BUCKETS of fashionable advice this year, I want to add in a few more things before we countdown and toast 2016.

Walmart crewneck, Relativity vest, Brighton charm bracelet
I'm sure at this point, you have some great outfits picked for tonight's festivities. Whether you are going out on the town or celebrating from home, I am positive you will be ringing in the new year with major style.

SO... I will not be inspiring you with outfit ideas for tonight. Instead, I have chosen to talk about the things I have learned from fashion this year. Let's do this!

#1: It's A-OKAY to layer

In the past, I always felt that I could only wear ONE statement piece per outfit. So, if I was wearing an embellished cardigan, the rest of my outfit HAD to be solid colors and simple. How boring is that?

Pairing that embellished cardigan with a plaid flannel button up and cute booties is completely acceptable! You don't have to sacrifice the other awesome pieces in your wardrobe just because you decided to wear ONE that day. Take a few different pieces and experiment with them together- you will find the results to be even better than before!

Sonoma button up, Loft cardigan, Old Navy jeans, Mossimo booties
Old Navy button up, J. Crew sweater, Banana Republic skirt, Merona tights, Sam Edelman booties, Fossil watch

Lesson: Let multiple pieces steal the show and create a chic and complete ensemble.

#2: Stop settling 

It's very easy to settle for something when it comes to shopping, ESPECIALLY if you are shopping thrift and resale like I do. But I've learned that JUST BECAUSE something is only $2 or $3, that doesn't mean you should sacrifice fit, condition, or the fact that it may just not be for you.

I have made the mistake too many times of buying something just because I think it is so cute, but it doesn't actually fit that great. Or, I sorta liked it when I tried it on, but I'm never going to actually wear it. All those "I guess I'll just buy it" pieces take up so much space in our closets, and in the end, they just get resold or donated all over again. 

Lesson: Save money AND closet space by passing on fashion items that don't send you over the moon. 

#3: Be bold, brave and daring!

The number one thing I think I have learned this year in general is that nothing good comes from your comfort zone! This is especially true with fashion. It is so easy to get caught up in the same things when trying on an outfit, but it's really important to religiously try new things. Even if you think it will be a total bust, try something different on- you may end up LOVING it! 

I have tried a lot of daring outfits for my taste this year- my fur vest, leather leggings, harem pants and deep plunge dress are only a few of the many things I was scared to wear, but ended up enjoying the most. 

Merona button up, Takeout vest, Levis jeans, Michael Kors watch
Silence and Noise tee, Loft cardigan, Poof leggings, BC Shoes booties, Faux Gucci bag, Express necklace
Mossimo top, Xhilaration pants, Target sandals and necklace 
Nanette Lepore dress, Worthington heels, Claires earrings

Lesson: Give anything and everything one chance. This is a great way to allow your personal style to evolve!

#4: A good bag goes a long way

I've followed this statement for quite some time now, but I wanted to elaborate here before the year ends. I am obviously a budget-friendly shopper, but the one thing I will always invest in is my handbag.

Although I do work hard to still find good deals on my purses, I'll still pay a bit more, because like the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for." I absolutely HATE when a bag falls apart. If the handles start to tear, the pleather peels or the metal discolors, I get so upset. I am very gentle with my items, and for something like THAT to happen, I know that it is just poorly made.

I invest in leather bags with good reputations. I want my purse to make a statement, and it can't exactly do that if it is falling apart. Why pay $40 for a full price, unbranded bag when you can find a leather Coach bag for $50-$60 when shopping resale?

Kate Spade handbag = Gift
Rebecca Minkoff handbag = $90 clearance find
Coach handbag = $60 resale find

Lesson: If you carry a purse everyday, spend a little more to get better quality that will not fail you. 

#5: Wait for the sales 

It is so hard when you come across the perfect fashion piece at the store to refrain from purchasing it. I always want to jump on it right away and take it home with me. But I have learned over the years that it pays to wait, literally!

Sometimes, you only have to wait a couple weeks for the piece you've been coveting to go on clearance! Or, you might receive a coupon in your email that same week. If you're a Goodwill shopper like me, you may even be lucky enough to find that piece while thrifting. Chances are, you don't need that slouchy sweater or adorable pair of heels that same day.

Lesson: Don't purchase an item instantly if you can wait! The sales, coupons and deals will show up sooner than you think.

#6: Get out there and reach for what you want (from a blogger standpoint)

The final thing I have learned this year is about being a blogger. One year ago, I had a teeny amount of views, not a lot of Instagram followers and every post (for me) felt pointless. BUT, I kept on grinding and told myself if I wanted to grow, I had to work harder. 

As you may remember, I attended Simply Stylist Chicago in July. I met some incredible fellow fashionistas, heard advice from some of the biggest bloggers on the web and made some great connections. After feeling overly inspired from my experience, I gave my blog a complete makeover, created more of a "blogger" presence on my Instagram and began posting more frequently. As I continued to interact, my following started to grow, and I am so pleased with where I have come so far.

Merona dress, New York and Company sandals, Loft sunglasses

I even began reaching out to brands for collaborations, which led me to land my guest blogger position with Goodwill. 

What I've learned about being a fashion blogger this year is that you have to put in the work to get the following, and the more connections you reach out to make, the better. It's a tough world out there, especially when there are SO many other fashion bloggers. In the end, keep doing it for you, and the followers will come. 

Lesson: If you are getting your feet underneath you as a fashion blogger, run after whatever you want and don't stop until you get it. 


This advice is a little different than what I usually post, but I do hope it opens your eyes and maybe even helps you create some fashion-related new year resolutions. 

Thank you SO much for keeping up with The Fashionable Fox this year! I am looking forward to 2016 and all it will bring for the blog. Happy New Year!

Let the countdown begin,


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    1. Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed your party!

  2. Love the heels, the looks, the laces, love everything! Great inspiration.. i love to be gather this one.
    Thanks for sharing this cool outfits..
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    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it :)


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