Statement Earrings for the Holidays

December 8, 2018

Coming to you late this week friends, but I'm here! The holiday season rush is getting the best of me, but today I'm on the blog chatting about statement earrings you will want to wear for the holidays and beyond!

I personally feel that jewelry makes a great gift for your girl gang, whether it's your friends, mom, sister, etc. Statement necklaces are slowly fading away, but statement earrings are on the rise and make a fun addition to any outfit! I've curated a list of five popular earring styles you will see this season. They're perfect for upcoming holiday parties and events, or can be worn as a standout accessory to work.

The Monday Motivator | Fresh Start

December 3, 2018

The Monday Motivator is a series meant to motivate, encourage, inspire and provide advice on real life stuff.*

With the holiday season upon us, Mondays come up even quicker than usual and for some, stress levels are through the roof.

I had a really great weekend, but it seemed to fly by even faster than they usually do. So naturally, come Sunday morning, I was already dreading the thought of going back to work. The previous workweek was crazy busy and the quick weekend barely felt like a break from it all. I still have so much on my to-do list at home, and I'm starting to feel the weight of the Christmas season as I begin to plan for the upcoming December weeks.

Gift Guide | Build a Spa Basket

November 29, 2018

It's the HOLIDAY SEASON, y'all! As you set up your tree and kick off all things Christmas, I'm getting the blog ready for you with PLENTY of gift guides and ideas. If you're feeling stumped and need ideas for the special ladies on your list, The Fashionable Fox has got your back.

The first gift guide I put together this year is a fun one that I have personally created once before for my sister-in-law and it was A. HIT. This guide is all about building a spa basket! The phrase "treat yo self" is more important than ever, so why not treat someone on your list to the gift of an at-home spa day?

The Monday Motivator | Take Care of Yourself

November 26, 2018

| Photo by Hilltop Photo Co. |
The Monday Motivator is a series meant to motivate, encourage, inspire and provide advice on real life stuff.*

Real question: why aren't we taking care of ourselves?  I'm not talking about getting a pedicure, scheduling a dentist appointment, joining a gym kind of taking care of ourselves. But WHY do we make it feel so taboo to take care of our mental health?

Sometimes we can't always tell when our mental health is suffering. We get too busy to recognize it, and on the brink of burnout, reality kicks in with the realization that mentally, we are hurting. 

Fall Stylebook | Keeping Comfortable on Thanksgiving

November 20, 2018

It's almost THANKSGIVING and I'm over here all giddy doing my fat pants happy dance!

Thanksgiving is the BEST in my house. We kick off the day in our pajamas, watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and preparing things for dinner. We eventually trade in our pajamas for sweatpants and cozy sweaters and spend time together on the couch as a family before we dig in to all the goods my mom made for our meal. I love everything about this day because I'm never obligated to be anywhere. I don't have to put on any makeup and my outfit is allowed to be as casual as I want.
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