Spring Shopping Tips at the Thrift Store

April 19, 2018

Alright fashionistas, if you haven't started updating your spring wardrobe, now is the time!

I love it when the seasons change because the racks at my local Goodwill get a change up as well. And when the spring arrives, it's sundresses galore! Sandals for days! Goodbye sweaters and hellooo blouses!

Thrift stores can be overwhelming, especially when you're looking for pieces to update your closet instead of just browsing for fun. To make the experience less stressful and more productive, I put together five tips to help you get the most out of your spring shopping trip to the thrift store. These are tricks I've picked up on over the years and still swear by as I shop today!

Favorite Tops For Spring

April 12, 2018

Hey blog fam! I haven't been feeling myself this week and took some much needed down time after my workdays, BUT I did not want to miss out on our weekly conversation! I took a slight detour from my scheduled blog content and put together today's post about a few of my favorite blouses and tees I've picked up recently for spring.

Thrifted Finds | March

April 5, 2018

Happy April, fashionistas! It's time for last month's thrifted finds:

Casual Spring Outfit for Easter

March 29, 2018

 Spring, where are you?!

Although it's technically the spring season, I've been hopin', wishin' and prayin' that the weather will finally get the memo. CATCH UP, WOULD YA?!

I still remember the Easter days of floral dresses and sunbonnets with white tights and Mary Jane shoes. That was back when you could count on the weather to be Easter-worthy. The last few years have been cold or rainy; far from the holidays I remember!

Each year, I push myself to wear a dress for Easter because it just feels RIGHT. But then again, what's with all the pressure? If your Easter plans are more on the casual side, I put together a spring outfit on the blog today that will be perfect for a more relaxed, and possibly chillier, Easter holiday. Take a look:

Things I Love and You Might Too

March 22, 2018

Hi lovelies! I'm hoppin' on the blog today to give you a few recommendations based off what I'm enjoying most lately. I wanted to start a series where I could round these things up for you and share what I'm loving. Let's kick it off!
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