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March 22, 2018

Hi lovelies! I'm hoppin' on the blog today to give you a few recommendations based off what I'm enjoying most lately. I wanted to start a series where I could round these things up for you and share what I'm loving. Let's kick it off!

I just finished reading "Power Your Happy" By Lisa Sugar, the founder and president of POPSUGAR.  (If you haven't checked out their fun pop culture site, DO IT!) The book talks a lot about how POPSUGAR came to be, but also provides an abundance of lifestyle and career advice to help you be more positive and proactive while chasing after your dreams.

I LOVED this book and can't recommend it enough for anyone who is just getting started in their career or navigating the "adult world." Lisa compiled some of her best advice to make this read feel like a conversation with a best friend. If you're in your 20's-30's and feeling lost, this book will encourage you to get back on track.

TV: 9-1-1
If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably noticed I talk about FOX's new show "9-1-1" A LOT. But sorry not sorry about it because this show is GOOD. I haven't been interested in medical shows until recently, but what I like about 9-1-1 is that it's much different from your average medical/fire/police shows. It combines multiple career fields, including paramedics, firefighters, police officers and 9-1-1 dispatchers, to shed light on how everyone works together. The characters are super lovable (Connie Britton is the dispatcher, so duh!) and the show is created by Ryan Murphy- need I say more?

Movie: License to Wed
I've taken to watching random movies on Netflix these days and one I decided to give a shot was "License to Wed." All I really wanted to know after watching it was WHY DON'T PEOPLE TALK ABOUT THIS MOVIE MORE?! It came out in 2007 and must have been brushed under the rug because I haven't heard of it before. Starring John Krasinski, Mandy Moore AND Robin Williams, this is a hilarious rom-com about a couple that has to go through a marriage course with their pastor before getting married. (Spoiler: Robin Williams is the pastor!) With plenty of cameos made by the cast of "The Office," I guarantee this will be a movie you didn't know you needed in your life.

Old Navy painted boyfriend jeans: When I first saw these jeans online, I really liked them! But when I tried them on, I wasn't so sure I could pull them off. I am a fan of denim that is different, but I still shy away from being bold enough to wear it. I planned to return them, but luckily, my friend Kristen convinced me otherwise and I'm proud to say I was brave enough to wear them a couple weeks ago! They turned out to be extremely comfortable. I paired them with a simple striped tee and huarache sandals and I LOVED the look! You can buy them here.

Bath and Body Works Rose Quartz fragrance: I'm a body spray over perfume type of girl and Bath and Body Works' "Hello Beautiful" fragrance mist has been a beauty staple for me for a while now. B&BW just released a new Mineral Co. collection inspired by precious gemstones. I picked up the "Rose Quartz" fragrance, a blend of rose water, lily petals and fresh patchouli, and it is my new favorite for sure! I also grabbed a sample size of the "Moon Stone" fragrance which also smells really good, but Rose Quartz has it beat! Shop the collection here.

Milwaukee, WI: I recently took a mini road trip with two of my girlfriends to Milwaukee to see a Kelsea Ballerini concert. It was only about an hour and a half drive which seemed even shorter with good company. We grabbed food and drinks at an Irish pub before the concert and had so much fun! I would 10/10 recommend doing something like this with your lady gang to enjoy a quick getaway from the everyday stresses of life and make some memories.

What are you recommending lately?

Talk soon,

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