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October 19, 2017

HELLO! It's time for another life update. Let's HIT IT!

Let me start off by saying I had every intention for this post to be a beauty tutorial, but after I set up all my equipment, the sun quickly began to go down and I realized I'm actually NOT good at that sort of thing just yet. I don't wear much makeup as it is, so trying to apply it on camera in a tiny mirror while racing against the daylight... let's just say it did not go well. #bloggerprobs

BUT after beating myself up over being behind on content (nothing a donut can't fix), I decided a "life lately" post may be just what I need to step back and take a breather without disconnecting from my loyal readers.

Life lately has been quite busy, but I've been doing my best to stay stress-free; always easier said than done! Here are a few things worth mentioning:

I mentioned in last week's post that I've been cleaning out my closet like a total mad woman. In all seriousness, it's the best I've ever done when it comes to getting rid of stuff. I keep things WAY too long and my closet gets WAY too cluttered. But lately I've been feeling so burned out on what I have in there- I'm just OVER it! When you have that mentality, it's way easier to do the job. I've made lots of room and I'm not even done yet!

The Fashionable Fox Boutique set up at its first flea market and DANG, did it not go well. It didn't exactly help that the weather was WILD. It was originally supposed to rain, but held off in the morning. But the wind was absolutely insane! Thankfully my mom tagged along because we were holding down tables and clothes the entire time. My clothes rack blew over, an item broke and half my inventory was halfway down the street! It was a nightmare that I fully accepted as a nightmare and called it quits around noon. I sold enough to make back the rent on the space, but that was it. The good news is I packed up all the new inventory and brought it right inside to the pop-up boutique, so you can still shop it!

I'm also selling some exclusive items from my boutique on Poshmark now- you can check out my closet here.

Since September kept me on my toes, I'm finally slowing down and making plans with my gal pals to catch up and enjoy a margarita or two. I am SO grateful for friends who are understanding of a busy schedule, but still make time to see you or check in.

Literally, any day now! My sister-in-law's due date is October 24th, so we're all just waiting around as patiently as we can! I. cannot. WAIT. Can you tell? *see below*

You may have seen on Instagram that we just celebrated Adam's birthday. He's now 25 and totally rockin' it! We started the day with a meal of his choice (bdubs, yuck!) and went to the Blackhawks game later on. We had expensive beers and the Hawks won and I'd like to think it was what you call perfect.

Speaking of Adam, my most popular post at the moment is by far his guest post about dating a blogger! I'm so excited you are all enjoying it- and maybe relating to it, too! Bloggers these days, am I right?! If you haven't read that post yet, you can do so here. We have some other fun posts in the works together, so stay tuned!

So get this, I've been reading A LOT. This is very abnormal for me because I have a hard time finishing books, but instead of coming home and working on the blog, I've been coming home and reading. Within a month, I just finished "The Assistants" by Camille Perri and it was so good! I would really recommend it to anyone fresh out of college and feeling the crippling pain of student loans; it offers a fun AND funny take on it. (For those of you who can relate, I FEEL YOU.)

Now I'm reading "Hello, Sunshine" by Laura Dave, author of "Eight Hundred Grapes", another popular book that is sitting on my shelf waiting to be read. I'm only a few chapters in, but enjoying it.

I've been trying to dial back on shopping a little bit so I can start saving for Christmastime. I want to find my way back to the thrift stores and Goodwill because I haven't made the time to get there, and that's obviously my favorite way to shop! I've been checking out fall pieces here and there at Target and Old Navy and these are some items I'm loving:

How is life lately for my readers? Leave some comments and fill me in!

Good talk,

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