How I find resale bargains; even on vacation!

July 17, 2015

Bonjour, fashion friends!

I'm so happy to be back chatting with you! Hopefully you had a fantastic 4th of July & were inspired by my last post for your outfit!

My 4th was fantastic- cute clothes, great food, family, dancing & fireworks; it doesn't get much better than that!

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A few days after the big summer holiday, I finally had the opportunity to get away for a couple of days. My boyfriend & I decided to save up some money & go on a mini-vacation.

We traveled to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, which is about two hours away from my hometown in Illinois.

It's absolutely beautiful there- the perfect size lake community that makes you appreciate the summertime, & the little things we don't have in the suburbs.

We stayed at The Abbey Resort, which was located only about fifteen minutes away from downtown Lake Geneva. Our resort alone had so much for us to do, like swimming, playing games & enjoying the view of the harbor. But we also did a fair share of exploring at the beach & downtown.

The day we headed back home, we decided to shop around the downtown area for a bit. And naturally, I found some really great resale deals!

All the other shops we went into had tons of souvenirs or fashion items that were just not in my budget. So when we came across a resale shop at the end of our shopping experience, I was instantly at home.

The place we found was called 9Lives Boutique. They sell anything & everything that is donated, from jewelry, clothing, accessories, furniture, housewares, antiques & more! And the best part is, the sales that they make go to the Lakeland Animal Shelter. Not only are there some great deals, but it is also for a great cause! Check out their website for more information.

When I walked in the door, I was greeted by their friendly staff & was informed that all of their clothing was 50% off that day, so I went straight to work!

Their clothing section had lots of different pieces, but it wasn't overwhelming. As I hunted through all of the racks, boyfriend in tow (sorry, Adam!), I found some really awesome items. So now, I'll share what I found with you!

The first item I stumbled upon was this Ann Taylor LOFT bright yellow skirt. I totally love it! I was looking for a bright yellow piece to mix in with my outfits in the Fall, & this little skirt is exactly what I needed. You can wear it alone or with tights, so it is very versatile all year long. I plan to wear it in the fall with a white tee & a jean jacket.

At the boutique, this skirt was marked $5, so that day, it was only $2.50! A complete steal in my favor.

The next item I found was this navy striped skirt. It caught my eye because of the nautical look, but when I noticed the vintage tag inside, I was a little discouraged. Sometimes vintage pieces don't always look the best on. But once I tried it on, I realized it fit great & would be perfect for a hot summer day.

This skirt was marked as $4, making it a $2 bargain.

I then found this awesome yellow & white J. Crew top. It has that summery southwestern style, which I don't have too much of, so I was excited to come across it. It is lightweight & flowy, so it will look perfect with a pair of jean crops & slide sandals.

This shirt was priced at $8, so I bought it for $4 that day.

The next piece I grabbed was this navy & hot pink striped blouse. I was a little unsure at first because on the hanger, this top looks like a larger size. But when I tried it on, it was oversized in the right way; more sophisticated than boxy. I plan to wear this in the Fall with jeans & a chunky statement necklace.

The brand of this top is 1.2.3. Paris, which can be found in Europe or online. It was priced at $5.00, making it $2.50 with the sale.

The last clothing item I found was not on the racks; it was actually hanging above me on the wall. I asked a worker if I could try it on, & I am so glad I did! They told me at the store that it was just donated the day before; what luck! This Donna Morgan dress is SO classy. The cream-colored patterns on the sleeves & at the bottom make this little black dress pop! I cannot wait to wear this in the fall with flats, or in the winter with tights!

The dress was marked as $12, making it an incredible $6 steal for me that day. It's all about those little wins!

After I found my clothing items, I also dug around in the jewelry & found some really cool pieces.

I found these brand new Charming Charlie pink earrings for $3.00, a vintage butterfly necklace for  $3.00, an Avon elephant necklace for $2.00 & a multicolored bead necklace for $4.00. Vintage jewelry is so unique and fun- a great way to spruce up any outfit & make it original.

So, for all nine of these awesome items, I only spent $30.00! That's my kind of shopping!

After all my items were bagged, we walked out of the boutique & I felt amazing; not only because I spent so little for so many stylish items, but what I spent also helped a local animal shelter in need.

These items were the only shopping items I bought for myself on the trip & I came home excited & proud of my purchases.

Sure, I could have bought a tourist shirt for $40, but that's not the kind of thing that gets my gears going. As you already know, The Fashionable Fox is a bargain hunting queen.

That being said, a big shoutout to Adam for tagging along this time as I hunted for deals in a new place.

The grand point of my post is this: be open to trying new things! I could have easily passed up this store, but I decided to give it a chance & obviously got some really great finds. Along with stopping by this unfamiliar boutique, we also tried out some new food places we don't have at home, searched for seashells on the beach & danced to our favorite song at midnight along the harbor.

If we didn't try out this destination for ourselves, we would have never found new places & things to love.

Adventure is out there,


  1. Glad you liked your trip, Laura :) You and Adam are pretty cute.
    (see I can be nice)

  2. I can't believe you only pay that for that super cute yellow skirt! I love it :D



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