Guess who's back...



Do you remember me? It's The Fashionable Fox!

It has been quite some time since I've last popped in, and I do send my sincerest apologies.

The spring semester at school was so intense! I barely had time to sleep most days, which led to an incredibly bare and lonely blog.

But have no fear- I was still providing fashion and style advice, just through another medium. Since The Fashionable Fox went to print this year, I spread my stylish word to my college campus.

Are you interested in what I had to say about fashion this semester at school? You can check out my whole Fashionable Fox column here.

I couldn't be more excited for summer break. It was a hectic and busy school year, so time off from that feels pretty incredible right now. 

Along with my regular job, this summer I will be interning at a fashion boutique! I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge about fashion, as well as getting some new experience. 

Since my summer will seem to revolve around fashion, I am hoping to continue posting regularly on the blog to keep all of you loyal trendsetters updated. 

I also plan to post more often on The Fashionable Fox Instagram page. Have you followed it yet? Check it out here or use the handle: @thefashfoxx. 

If you would like more of my everyday posts about my outfits or other things I love, you can also follow my personal account on Instagram here or use my handle: @mslaurafoxy. I post the different outfits I wear each day, as well as photos that make me smile or other fun things I am up to, all with style in mind. 

For today's post, I am very excited to start off a new segment. I am going to start providing my readers with one-minute fashion and beauty breakdown videos. Each video will target something new in the fashion or beauty world.

I recently discovered the app Videolicious. This app allows you to easily create a video broadcast, which makes it easy and fun for me to try something new for my readers.

For my first breakdown, I made a tutorial and review of a beauty product I have been using lately. The product is E.l.f.'s Lip Exfoliator. Check out my clip below:

As I mentioned in the video, you can find this product at Target for only $3! But you can also find it at other stores, wherever the E.l.f. brand is sold. 

I have been using this product for about a week now, and I have noticed an incredible difference in the look and feel of my lips. Not only does it make your lips super soft, but I also believe that it makes my face look overall healthier. 

I highly recommend giving this product a try! Especially with the change in seasons and the summer sun arriving, you will love what this product can do for you. 

So for now, enjoy this new video. But keep your eyes peeled for plenty more coming soon!

Are we friends again? I hope so.

Remember, stay stylish! 


-The FF

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