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Hello there, stylish friends! Let's hear it for August!

Where did the summer go? I feel like I was just addressing you all with trends and ideas for your wardrobe this summer, and pretty soon I will be giving you an insight to all the big things in fashion this fall! Of course, I am extremely excited to share fall trends with you, because I look most forward to wearing my clothing for the fall, more than any other season. But I do wish I had a little more time to enjoy my sundresses and gladiator sandals!

For this post, instead of talking about wrapping up summer and enjoying this last month of high waisted shorts and flowy tank tops, I want to wrap up summer in a more exciting way that will hopefully be relevant for you readers. So, I have chosen to write to you about some tips and tricks on what to wear to a wedding!

Even though spring and summer are more popular months for weddings, there are still plenty of 'I Dos' in August, September and October. If you have a wedding to attend within the next week, month, or year, this post will help with all of your outfit planning!

Why have I chosen to write about wedding attire, you ask? Well, my fashionable friends, don't get too carried away, because it is not my time to walk down the aisle yet! But, the fabulous news is that my brother is just recently engaged, so there is plenty of wedding talk in my corner right now. There'll definitely be some wedding attire planning in my future, so I will need to take my own advice from this post!

When it comes to weddings, there are typically three ways to dress, based off of the formality of the theme and/or venue. These three ways are black-tie, cocktail, and daytime. Black-tie weddings are the most formal of them all, with acceptable types of apparel being ball gowns and tuxedos. But not to worry if a long dress isn't your thing; There are plenty of styles of shorter dresses that are just as formal as a full length. I pulled out a couple of shorter, yet very formal dresses from my closet to share with you:

Both of the dresses shown here would be completely acceptable attire to wear to a black-tie wedding occasion. The first dress is Lush from Nordstrom, but I found it at a resale shop for $6. It's all black lace with a small peplum at the waist. It has a sweetheart neckline, with see-through lace on the shoulders. The back of the dress is also see-through from the top of the shoulders to the waistline. It has a sweet keyhole opening near the back of the neck. The silhouette on this dress is so classy and feminine. It's a perfect dress for a black-tie wedding because it is a dark color and has a strong silhouette. I added on a vintage twisted pearl necklace for an even classier look. I would pair it with plain, black patent leather heels to complete the look.

The second dress for a black-tie wedding is Xscape by Joanna Chen from Nordstrom. (a $25 resale shop find for me!) It is a deep navy blue with sparkly beading on the shoulders. The top is very flowy and the bottom has a ruffly detail and hugs like a pencil skirt. The back of the dress has a small opening between the shoulder blades, from the back of the neck to the lower back, with a small strap across the middle. This dress is very glamorous to me, and it looks great if you have a curvy body shape. It is very formal, which is great for a black-tie wedding because of it's dark color and fun embellishments. No necklace needed for this one because of it's glam shoulders; just add some dressy bracelets and a pair of plain silver stud earrings. I would wear this dress with some simple silver heels.

The next, most common way to dress depending on the theme of the wedding is cocktail attire. The type of dresses acceptable for these types of weddings are nice party dresses in fun colors and materials. Any dress you would wear to a cocktail party would be acceptable for the occasion. Here are a few dresses I would wear to a cocktail attire wedding:

The first dress shown is by En Focus Studio, an $8 find that I actually wore to a wedding a while back. It's a bright royal blue, a color that is really big this year. The material is very soft and flowy, and the one ruffled shoulder gives it a fun shape. This is another dress you don't need a necklace for because of the flashy shoulder. I wore it with silver dangle earrings and a pair of silver heels.

The second dress for a cocktail theme is designed by Kate Young for Target. I found this dress at Goodwill for $6.99, original tags still attached! Although I feel that this dress could be worn for many different occasions, it's also ideal for a cocktail wedding. It's a satin material with an elegant black and white rose print. The waist has a tiny peplum, with a matching one at the hem. The neckline makes this dress look very sophisticated. I added a red bubble necklace for the pop of color that this dress needed. I would wear black peep toe heels with this one.

The last dress shown here is an Ann Taylor Loft. I found this one at a resale store for $16, when it was still being sold online for $80! I love this dress because it looks so vintage, like something from The Great Gatsby. The mauve color just adds to it's vintage flair. The dress's material is all lace that is gently tiered at the chest, waist, and knees. It also has a small black bow on the back of the neck. This shift dress style looks really good on many different body shapes. I added a long colored-pearl necklace to give it even more of a 1920's feel. I would pair this with simple black velvet or patent leather heels.    

The last type of common attire would be for a daytime wedding. Daytime or outdoor weddings call for cheerful attire, with lightweight dresses made from materials that still scream formal. Here are two dresses that would work great for a daytime wedding:

This dress here is designed by Phillip Yim for Target (a $7 Goodwill find). It's a light blue shift dress with a high neckline that is gathered and has embellishments on the right side near the neck. The light color and soft material of this dress is perfect for a daytime wedding, and the small beading and shape make it very formal. This is another dress you don't have to worry about wearing a necklace with, because the neckline is very busy. I would stack some silver bracelets as an accessory. For shoes, I would pair this dress with some simple white or nude flats.

The last dress I have to show you in this post is designed by Suzi Chin from Lord and Taylor. I found this dress at a resale store for only $25! It is another shift dress, with cap sleeves. It is a beautiful shade of ivory lace with a nude colored slip underneath, making it look very vintage. It is very soft and lightweight. The silhouette of this dress is so classy and simple, which compliments an outdoor wedding. I added on a green J. Crew statement necklace (a $8 find) to dress it up even more! Add on a simple pair of nude heels and the look will be complete!

So here they are! Seven different looks for three different types of weddings. If you are currently looking for the perfect dress for a wedding you are attending, whether it be black-tie, cocktail, or daytime, the best advice I can give you is keep it simple! All three types of weddings give you room to keep it simple, yet formal enough for the occasion.You don't need too much glam or sparkle, just small embellishments or accessories to pair with a simple dress. There's nothing wrong with going vintage with your accessories either! Here are some accessories I own that I would wear with some of these looks; some are vintage, some are brands like Charming Charlie, LOFT, Givenchy, and Swarovski:

Weddings are a day of romance, excitement and fun! Make sure you are comfortable and feel beautiful in what you are wearing, and the day will be just as perfect for you as it will be for the bride!

To wrap up today's post, I'm going to share with you a few things I've been obsessing over lately, and one thing I'm totally over.

Obsessing over
1.) The app Vinted
Vinted is an app I've been using a lot lately. It's made up of a bunch of different users selling their clothes and accessories online. You can find some really trendy pieces for a lot less, and you can even sell your own stuff! I recently ordered a floral kimono from a fellow Vinty that I plan to pair with my Old Navy boyfriend jeans when the weather cools down.

Obsessing over
2.) Jessica Alba
I've been obsessing over Jessica Alba's style lately. I think she could wear anything and make it look great. I love how her style is very feminine and simple, but she's also not afraid to play it up a bit, whether it be with an edgy dress on the red carpet or a plaid shirt with a leopard clutch, like shown here.

Obsessing over
3.) Fun and bold lipstick colors
When it comes to makeup, I'm always going simple, if I even choose to wear any at all that day. Black mascara and nude color eye shadows are my go-to, but once in a while, I like to try something new. I've been really enjoying the bold lip trend that is so big right now. I've been trying out a lot of different colors on my lips, from coral to vintage pink to bright red. E.l.f. has a great line of moisturizing lipsticks at Target, and I just recently bought three new colors that I am loving, at only $3 each!

Obsessing over
4.) Spartina 449
I found a great summer bag on vacation this year, and it's made by Spartina 449! A brand that is becoming big on the scene, Spartina 449 got it's start in 2009 on Daufuskie Island in South Carolina. They sell designer handbags, jewelry and other accessories. The patterns on their bags each come with a different story related to the island, and part of the profits from your purchase go to the island's historical foundation. Their sweet little mermaid logo is so much fun, and I just love carrying my new bag around.  

 Completely OVER
1.) Short sleeved sweatshirts
Although this trend is new on the scene, I'm already completely OVER IT. To me, this piece is really hard to pair with anything, and the only success story I've seen is when it's being worn with boyfriend jeans and a statement necklace. This piece is too casual and baggy for me, and I think it has the power to dumb down any great outfit. I will be staying away from this trend!

 I'm currently getting all geared up and ready to go back to school. The exciting news is that this year, I will have my own fashion column in the school paper! Not only will I have my blog online, but there will also now be the print version of The Fashionable Fox! I have to start planning fall outfits now- I have a rep to protect!

Other exciting news is that my blog turns ONE on September 2nd! So, next post will be dedicated to getting ready for fall fashion AND celebrating this blog's birthday! Can you believe you've almost had a year of The Fashionable Fox already? I know I can't.

If you haven't already, be sure to follow The Fashionable Fox on Instagram! I've been posting a lot of fun outfit ideas and some thrifty finds as I'm getting them, so check it out! The username is @thefashfoxx . If you post an outfit idea or a thrifty find on Instagram, be sure to tag @thefashfoxx and use the hashtag #dressforless !

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To end this post, I just want to say congratulations to my big brother, Nick, and his fiance and my future sister-in-law, Savannah, on their engagement! You both were clearly my inspiration for this month's theme.

I can hear the bells-
The FF



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