Suit Up! Beach Bag Necessities and Swimwear Tips That'll Make You Feel Ready For the Rest of Summer


Bonjour fabulous friends! Welcome to July!

We have now found ourselves in the middle of summer, and it certainly is starting to feel like it! 4th of July weekend is basically the key in the ignition for summertime activities, so now we are all revved up and ready to go! With that being said, I hope you all enjoyed the holiday and brought out your best summer fashion! I decided to keep it simple- dark denim shorts with a basic flowy top from J. Crew and my american flag infinity scarf that I featured in my last post. It was a wonderful day filled with family, cooking, laughing and fun in the sun. I hope you had just as great a day as I did!

Getting back to being revved up and ready to go- HELLOOOOO SUMMER! It's going to get even hotter, the days are going to be at their longest, and there are so many activities to enjoy and things to do before the summer sneaks out the door on us. And hotter days mean doing everything in your power to keep cool- what better way to do that than going to the beach!

Whether you're taking a dip or just laying in the sun, just being near the water is enough to cool your skin when it's hotter than hot out. Although I haven't had the chance to make a trip to the beach just yet this summer (don't worry, I'm working on it!), I do still have lots of tips for you to have the perfect beach day. So before we talk about the bag, let's talk about the outfit: the dreaded swimsuit.

I have yet to meet a person who feels 110% comfortable in a swimsuit, myself included. With all of the pressure to look a certain way and the constant "get bikini body ready" talk, no wonder we are so frustrated by the end of a swimsuit shopping trip. We all have our different struggles with finding the right suit for our body type, so just remember, you're not the only one. My most common struggles are: finding a suit that isn't too revealing, but doesn't make me look like a grandma; and also, finding the right sizes. My bottom size is always bigger than my top size; I've got a big butt and a small chest. So it's always frustrating for me to have to buy a top in a size small and bottoms in a size large. String bikini bottoms are also not my strong suit because of my curvy sides- my hips look like they are going to bust out of them! The key is just to find a suit that you feel comfortable and happy in. It's not a contest about how much skin you can show; wear what makes you really comfortable so you don't have a care in the world when lounging at the beach with your BFFs. I feel differently about my body everyday; some days I really want to wear my cutest bikini, but other days I want to cover myself up. That's why I keep a few different choices of swimwear in my drawers, so on my beach day, I can grab whatever I'm going to feel best in. Here are my three go to suits depending on how I'm feeling:

The first suit is my "my body actually looks good today" suit, so I wear this one when I am feeling good and want to show myself off a little bit. I love the color with the different patterns, and the small frills on the sides of the bottoms look good on my hips. The bling in the middle of the top is a nice touch, because I steer clear of wearing any jewelry at the beach so I don't risk losing anything. The suit in the middle is my one-piece, which I prefer to wear if I know I'm going to be pretty active at the beach or if it seems like there will be a lot of waves that day. This suit is nice because you don't have to worry about adjusting any pieces. Plus, the one-piece has made it's comeback this summer as a trendy look again. This one-piece here is my favorite color green and also is gathered in certain sections, like the hips and chest, to give it a more stylish look. On days where I don't want to worry about adjusting my bottoms, but still want to wear a two piece, I wear this last suit here. I like the black boy shorts that give more coverage on the bottom, but still can look very sporty and stylish. The top is also really nice because the string straps also remove to make the top a bandeau; perfect for strap free tan lines when sun bathing. I found all of these suits at Target, which is a good place to look because they have such a big selection.

I can't emphasize enough to find a suit that you feel good in, and to also have a backup suit that makes you feel good in case you're not feeling your first one. For me, the color of my suit really matters. Most times, I pick out black swimsuits, just because black is very slimming on my body shape. If patterns or bright colors make you feel better, go for those. As frustrating as it is to shop for swimsuits, be sure to set aside lots of time for it, and focus on swimwear ONLY. Don't shop for any other clothes, because then your brain won't register that you look good showing a little skin. Pick out lots of different styles of suits, even ones that you think won't look good at all. Give everything a chance because you might be surprised at what looks great and what doesn't. And if you can, bring your best gal pal with you to help out as well. Another person can check you out from all angles and give you a much better idea of what works for you and what doesn't. Even though this sounds like a dreadful shopping experience, it will be worth it once you find the perfect suit and sink your toes into the sand for the first time!

Now that we have the biggest piece of the beach scene covered, lets talk about the BAG. A beach bag is essential for any beach trip. Not only does it keep you looking trendy, but it also keeps all the belongings you need to survive a beach day tucked away when you're playing in the water. Here's ten different bags I put together that are perfect for the beach:

Fun colors and patterns are a big deal for the summer, but straw bags are also making their comeback to the beach scene as well. If you spend lots of time at the beach, invest the money in a well made bag, like the Tory Burch, Herschel, or Fossil. It will be worth the money spent! If you only get a chance to hit the sand a couple times during the summer, an H&M or Roxy tote will do you justice. Here's the bag that I sport around the beach:

This is a Donna Dixon beach bag that I found at TJ Maxx for $20. It's the perfect size and holds everything I need. The rope handles are strong for lugging anything around, and the bottom is sturdy so it won't tip over into the sand. I love the turtle print because it's so nautical, and of course it's my favorite color, pink! I've had this bad boy for a few years now, and it's took on some of the best beach trips. You would never know it, because it has stayed in great condition! A strong bag is a must for all the wear and tear it experiences at the beach. Now let's talk about what to keep in your bag...

Here's what I always keep handy in my beach tote: My swimsuit (duh!); a cute coverup to throw on over your suit, like this lace one I have here; a pair of jean shorts, if you plan to walk around the beach a lot; a towel to dry off and lay out on; flip flops; sunscreen and after sun lotion to protect your skin from burns; cute sunglasses (but a pair that you won't be devastated about losing in the water, just in case); hairbrush and hair ties, so your hair doesn't turn into one big knot; magazines to look at when bumming it in the sand; and a clear bag or Ziploc baggie to keep headphones, money, phone etc. in to prevent from getting wet or sandy by mistake. I think these are the necessities for the perfect day at the beach, but you can bring whatever else your little heart desires! Pack it all in your trendy beach bag and you're set to go! Add in a fun sun hat if it's extra sunny out, like the one I have below that I found at Charming Charlie, and hit the waves!

So there you have it! All the tips and tricks you need to know to have a fabulous day at the beach! Find your best suit, pack your bag, call up the best people you know, and enjoy a day in the sun. There's no better way to greet summer with open arms than to spend a day in the water!

To wrap up this post, I would like to announce that I now have my very own Fashionable Fox Instagram page! Since I only get the chance to give you a new fashionable post 1-2 times per month, I thought an Instagram account would be the perfect way to keep you updated on trends and give you your fashion fix during the week. I can also share with you my great finds for less right away! So follow me on Instagram at @thefashfoxx ! The new Instagram account is just a little step of the changes I've been making- I now have a new logo at the top of my blog as well! Check it out! And don't forget to leave me some comments and feedback!

We covered an awful lot in this post, and I hope the advice I provided will help you feel great this summer, whether you're at the beach or just enjoying the warm weather. You deserve to feel your best, no matter the season! Your fashions are simply the accessories to your inner beauty.

Keep on shining-
The FF

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